Carnival Calypso Monarchs

THE long carnival weekend was an eventful one for more than the fact that there were many activities on the countdown to the season’s end.

On Friday evening, the Beausejour Cricket Ground was ground zero for the flavourful sounds of sticks beating steel pan at Panorama. Pantime proved their winning ways are still fresh by winning the competition three years in a row. Courts Babonneau Steel Orchestra came in second while Fast Cash Pantastic Steel Orchestra placed third.

Walleigh defended his monarchy at Saturday’s Calypso Monarch held on the National Cultural Centre grounds, winning the crown with 730 points. His songs, “Koudmain” and “Robots” had enough unity and mechanics, earning him his third title, having won the first in 2005.

Q-Pid was first runner-up with 722 points for her “Criminal Victim” and “I Am For King”, while Invader placed third with 690 points for “Lambirds Affair” and “Doh Raise Your Hand”. In fourth place was Ready with 683 points for “She Son’s Note” and “Not Working”.

Music continued to dominate the weekend with the Groovy and Party Soca Monarch held at Beausejour Cricket Ground on Sunday evening. In the Groovy category, Arthur did a two-peat by winning the crown with his song, “Who I Am #WestIndian”, which picked up 401 points. Sedale’s “Neighbour” was picked up second place with 396 points while “Hooray” had enough thrill for Sir Lancelot and Michael Robinson’s collaboration which gave them third place with 349 points.

In the Party Soca category, Ricky T and Superman HD’s collaboration, “Perfect Storm (Hold On Something)” shelled down the competition, winning the duo the title with 373 points. Sir Lancelot’s “Family” placed second with 353 points and Ezra and Hollywood HP tied for third place with “Rush” and “Undeniable” respectively.

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