Dennery’s Carnival Launch

Image: There's no such thing as a bored Dennery crowd.
There’s no such thing as a bored Dennery crowd.

WITH a renewed interest now being placed on community carnival, it seems the Dennery Carnival Committee is doing its very best to make its festivities this year the best in years.

Last Sunday’s official launch of Dennery Carnival at the Dennery Multi-Purpose Court was certainly a spectacle that augurs well for the Parade of the Bands on July 4 and 5.

Image:  Accent Carnival Band
Accent Carnival Band

Five bands showcased their sections on Sunday. They are: Rampage, Back-A-Yard, Phenotixx, Just Revellers and Accent.

Image: Just Revellers Carnival Band
Just Revellers Carnival Band

Based on what was showcased, it’s clear that the bands have raised the quality and standard of their costumes, something they have been struggling with for years. It proves that despite the many challenges – especially financial – faced by the carnival fraternity, bands are determined to keep raising their standards.

Image: Rampage Carnival Band
Rampage Carnival Band

The thick Dennery crowd also got the chance to be entertained by some of the island’s top calypso and soca acts, including some of Dennery’s very own. Performances came from Peewee, Mac 11, EvaLucian Band with Arthur Allain, Invader, Mighty, Subance, Sedale and Mongstar.

Image: Lovely ladies at the launch.
Lovely ladies at the launch.

The pre-launch of this year’s Dennery Carnival was held on June 3 with a Soca In De Yard show. Other events on the Dennery Carnival calendar include the first-ever Dennery Carnival Princess Pageant on June 28, featuring teens from Dennery and its environs, the Insomnia Weekend that includes the Dennery/Mabouya Soca Monarch on July 3, and the J’Ouvert on July 4. A Carnival Cool-Off Boat Ride scheduled for July 12 is also planned, bringing the curtains down on this year’s Dennery Carnival.


A favourite among many revellers from across the island, Dennery Carnival has over the years continued to be one that’s lively, fun and entertaining. However, organizers point at a shoestring budget and limited sponsorship as factors that prevent the festival from growing at a faster pace.

Image:  Phenotixx Carnival Band

Phenotixx Carnival Band
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