Young Business People Get Help

Krystal Maximin at work.
Krystal Maximin at work.

The culmination of Youth Awareness Month last month marked the beginning of a new initiative for the young entrepreneurs of St. Lucia with the launch of the Youth Start Up Business Club.

The exhibition showcased the works set up and achieved by the young business persons, in an environment that allowed them the opportunity to start up their businesses free of charge and also provide the mentorship and support that they need to succeed.

Chairman of the Club, Stacey Mc.Vane said the journey leading up to the launch was nine months long.

She said: “It is time for people to be aware of what’s happening so that schools like Dunnottar, the Laborie Boys School, the Castries Comprehensive etc. can learn to be more cohesive and learn the logistic approach in order to create employment”.

During the launch, an exhibition was set up featuring a number of promising young individuals and their business ventures.

Some of those business ideas included:
• The Personal Floatation Device which was made up of recycled plastic bottles and was created by 15 year olds Kohane Samuel and Ezra Joe of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School

• The works of 20 year old videographer/ Photographer Benjamin Thomassin who has been freelancing for two years and has worked with the likes of the St. Lucia School of Ballet. He owns his own production company called Fresh Productions.

• Cake Decorations from 23 year old Danny Billy of the Dunnottar School. Billy’s participation in the exhibition was to promote the works of the youth from special needs schools, namely that of the 16-25 year old students of the Vocational Centre who receive training and skills development to gain employment which they desperately need.

• Embroidery from 35 year old ArshaAugustin who specializes in making cushions, drapes and smock designs.

• Cosmetology from 20 year old Krystal Maximin who has specialized in hair, manicures and pedicures for the past five years.

One of the contributors to the new initiative was the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) whose Chairman, Michael St. Catherine said the authority took pleasure in supporting initiatives of this sort especially as it involved the youth.

St. Catherine said: “This is a youth initiative that we are excited about. We have sponsored many youth initiatives in the past but this one is more coordinated. It’s an exciting idea”.

The Club is open to young entrepreneurs islandwide and is situated upstairs Starlight at 77 Brazil Street, Castries.

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