Music Alone Shall Live … Ave Eva

GLAD to have you back. Remember? In my first promotional piece, I promised to talk about who, I’m thinking, should attend the Ave Eva concert (by the way, how do you like my palindromic pun?) Well, for a start, how about all classical music lovers… That pretty much goes without saying, huh? But, this is also the concert for anyone interested in discovering, and learning to appreciate, the pleasures of classical music. The programme is sure to be a good one to experience. Again, this benefit concert is for anyone who loves the sound of the musical instrument that is the piano. It’s a must for all ye students of music. And more.

Let’s expose all the young ones to fine piano music. Give them a needed break from the omnipresent boom-boom. Then there’s that child of yours who shows even the slightest interest in music, classical or otherwise, or in the piano itself. Do encourage them by giving them this opportunity to see a young person in action on a Grand Piano – and not just any Grand Piano. A Bechstein 7.5-foot Concert Grand, no less.

Let’s not forget all my friends and acquaintances. Yes! And finally, anyone whom we might approach to purchase a ticket. Yes? Thank you kindly. Well, I think that about covers everyone, doesn’t it? Including you, of course!

Now, just to remind you, the concert takes place on two consecutive nights – Friday May 29 and a repeat performance on Saturday May 30, at the Golden Palm Event Centre. It is a joint undertaking of the Goodwill Charity Group in association with the Saint Lucia School of Music, both organizations being beneficiaries. We are looking to have the Hall filled to capacity on both evenings. That is why we’ve been giving you early notice; we want you to mark your calendars from now.

As for me, I have put together my dream ‘Eva’ programme from pieces which I’ve heard her play (electronically). Here it is: Debussy Etude No, 7; Fastforward – a jazz inspired classical piece by Alexina Louie, very appealing; Kapustin Variation Op 41, most interesting, would be well received; Schumann’s Fantasie Op. 17, final movement; Medtner Sonata, Op.38 No 1; Bach Well-tempered Clavier 1 Prelude and Fugue in C-sharp (for my good pal Roselyne who adores Bach), and perhaps for an encore, a lovely Chopin Nocturne, something really popular such as his Op. 27 No, 2 in D-flat major or his Opus 32 No, 2 in A-Flat major, both favourites. And definitely some Scriabin. Eva released an album (CD) of 29 Scriabin Preludes last year. I’m making a pitch for at least one piece from the above line-up to be included in the programme, and can’t wait to see if Eva takes me on. Cheeky of me, isn’t it? Ah well, one can dream, can’t one? Meanwhile, I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

Breaking news! Tickets have gone on sale! You can get them from the School of Music, or from the ladies of the Goodwill Charity Group. Don’t delay. Get yours today. The hall is not terribly large, so better to be safe than sorry. Next week, I shall tell you a little more about Goodwill Charity and the Saint Lucia School of Music, which two bodies stand to benefit from the proceeds of this exciting concert, all in an effort to enhance their respective programmes, the former’s benevolent, the latter’s educational. Both organisations need, and are worthy of, your kind support. Less than three weeks to go… .

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