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Jerome Wilness – The On-The-Go Foot Masseur

Jerome Wilness
Jerome Wilness
Stan Bishop
Stan Bishop

JEROME Wilness is literally a man on the go. His feet have taken him many distances all in the name of eking out a decent living. For the past two years, however, his feet have taken him to places where he has seemingly left happy feet after his visits.

The 42-year-old Corinth, Gros Islet resident is the founder of a small company named SAF (Seek and Find), which manufactures organic rubs from local products — including banana peels — many of which can be obtained from him or local stores. One product, “Feet Nice”, can be used for treatment of feet odour and athlete’s foot. Speaking of feet, Wilness is also an on-the-go foot masseur.

“What I’ve found is that not many people can afford to take a full body massage,” Wilness said. “But the feet, which are very active, can be massaged. So I use a lot of our local products, including some that have a citrus base that exfoliates. Basically, it removes a lot of bacteria that are found on the feet and under the nails that create a lot of problems.”

Wilness operates a call-in service, whereby people desirous of having a foot massage can call him and have a 15-minute session massage done on the spot for about $25. An extra small fee is charged should he need to pay transportation costs.

Wilness got into the massaging business about two years ago after noticing that many people feel self-conscious about the state of their feet. The health side of it, too, was also a motivating factor. So far, business has been kicking up a storm, with the positive word-of-mouth about how he can turn painful feet into happy ones continuing to spread.

“The response to my feet massages has been very positive thus far. There are a lot of testimonies out there. People say they see and feel the difference after the massages. People who had all types of problems are telling me that the massages and the products are wonders,” Wilness explained.

Wilness has about three other people on his slim staff also doing the massage-on-the-go business. He said he tries to not price his products and services too high for fear of ruining a good thing. The ultimate aim, he said, is to get into the health and wellness niche at least knee deep.

The entrepreneur, who has tried many business ventures in the past, including computer repairs and making and selling mini-pizzas, said he is all about business and knows just when to switch and adapt in any business climate. That kind of entrepreneurial spirit, he said, has served him in good stead over the years. People need to dig really deep if they really want to become and remain employed, he said.

“We need to dig deeper to ensure that we address the unemployment crisis we face. We don’t need to depend on people providing jobs for us. Find what you know and take it further. Don’t give up,” Wilness said.

To book a foot massage session with Wilness, you can contact him at 724 4545 or go to his Facebook page, Facebook/JeromeWilness, for more information on the products and services he offers.

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