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Eva Yulin Chen
Eva Yulin Chen

Well, folks, it’s nearly time for Ave Eva, the Eva Yulin Shen Benefit Concert! And, of course, we now have her programme well in hand. However, you will recall that in an earlier piece, I shared my dream programme for this concert with you and was keeping my fingers crossed that I would get at least one of my picks. Well, guess what. I did! It’s the Kapustin Variation Op 41, which I know will be well received. Do look out for it and tell me what you think. I won’t spoil things for you by giving away the rest of the programme: I shall allow you to be pleasantly surprised.

But before the big night, I want to share with you just a few telling endorsements of Eva Yulin Shen coming from some of those whose opinions matter in the world of classical piano music:

“She is gifted with a refined ear and the rare capacity to draw an audience into the music. Through her genuine passion for art, she has evolved musically over the years, achieving a great balance between heart and mind

— -Dang Thai Son (1st Prize at 1980 Warsaw International Chopin Competition)

“Her technique is excellent. In listening to her sensitive piano playing, I was transported into a beautiful soundscape. Eva draws you in with her subtle layering of dynamics, and keeps you listening, waiting for the next color changes. Very beautiful playing, indeed.”
— Antonio Pompa-Baldi (Silver Medal 2001 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition)

“She plays the real music.”
—Dmitri Bashkirov (International Pianist and Educator, Moscow Conservatory)

“She has wonderful hands in piano.”
— Boris Petrushansky

Apart from her piano performances. Eva Yulin has shown tremendous interest in film art. She has made appearances in short films, ‘’In the Depth of the ‘’Summer’’ and ‘’Lilya’s Voice Diary’’. In 2010 she composed the film score for the Canadian short film ‘’Une Chanson d’hiver’’.

And this young artist has consented to be here with us in St Lucia to give a benefit concert on two consecutive nights for the Goodwill Charity Group and the Saint Lucia School of Music, so that these bodies can, with your support as well, further their respective programmes.

Goodwill Charity consists of a group of 10 ladies. The group commenced its activities in October 1990 and was registered in 1991. It is therefore 25 years since we began our work in respect of the underprivileged in our Saint Lucian society, and we think it fitting that we should acknowledge that fact by trying to put some much needed funds in our coffers. The group provides assistance on request and through intelligence, to various cases of individual need. We are associated on an ongoing basis with two Homes for the Aged in Saint Lucia. We also assist in cases of emergency such as after severe weather events and in cases of prolonged illness. The group would very much like to be able to extend its outreach in additional directions – for instance, assisting impoverished families with schoolbooks and uniforms is an area which we know to be in great demand especially in the midst of a heavily depressed economy.

You are probably more familiar with the work of The Saint Lucia School of Music which is often in the news. The School is committed to promoting excellence in all fields of musical endeavour, providing accessible music programmes and fostering greater appreciation for Saint Lucian and Caribbean music traditions. Though a government subsidized learning institution, the School is directly responsible for fundraising and sponsorship measures to supplement its revenue in order to adequately service its many programmes and undertakings.

So, both organizations need your valued support and we look forward to seeing you in person on Friday May 29th and/or Saturday May, 30th when you will experience the double joy of giving and at the same time receiving – giving, through your purchase of tickets in support of this event, and receiving, through your certain enjoyment of the programme which has been prepared for you. See you there!

Nahdjla Carasco Bailey

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