Music Alone Shall Live….


“ALL things shall perish from under the sky; music alone shall live, never to die”.

Mark your calendars… You can’t afford to miss this one! Which one? The May 2015 performance in the Music Box Classical Concert Series, of course. Why not? Because it’s going to be pretty unique.And definitely refreshing.

Our international pianist has an altogether different kind of profile from the usual visiting artist-benefactor to our shores: young, female, Asian, resident in Germany, performing out of Berlin – and this, along with an impressive musical background, has made for a winning combination in the person of petite, thirty-one year-old, Eva YulinShen.

A gifted pianist, Eva attained her Bachelor’s in Music from Tainan National University of the Arts under Prof. Mikhail Kollontay, then went on to graduate with a Master’s from the University of Montreal under Prof. Dang Thai Son. She followed with the University of Montreal’s Artistic Diploma again under Prof. Dang Thai Son.

For four years following that, Ms Shen studied under Prof Bernd Goetzke, obtaining the Soloklass (Konzertexamen) qualification from Hochschule fur Musik, Theater und Medien, Hannover, Germany. She is a multiple award winner from the many competitions, both national and international, which she has entered from 1998, in various countries of Europe, in Taiwan, and in the USA, as well as Canada, with first prize finishes in several, including being a seven-year consecutive winner in the Music Talent Awards and obtaining a Special Prize in an open competition of Russian Music held in the USA.

From 2001 to the present, Eva YulinShen has given several important performances in Germany, France, Canada, Taiwan, Macau, Holland and Austria: solo recitals, duo concerts, broadcasts, tours.

So, mark those calendars: Friday May 29 and/or Saturday May 30. Venue: The Golden Palm Events Centre in Rodney Bay. Price: $75. And please don’t allow your view to be obstructed by all that jazz …

Look out for subsequent write-ups on the Eva YulinShen Benefit Concert, when I shall share my thoughts on who should definitely attend; provide some glowing endorsements from the experts; inform you on what the benefit is in aid of; where you can purchase your tickets, and share my dream programme for this particular concert – which is, of course, hardly likely to be Eva’s. But I shall try my darndest to get at least one of my choices in, I swear! That should bring us up to Ave Eva time – and we’ll see you there! End of May. Meanwhile, though, I look forward to meeting you again right here in The VOICE. See you anon.

(By NahdjilaCarasco Bailey)

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