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GeMo Edoxie – Dare To Bare or Bin The Skin

GeMo Edoxie
GeMo Edoxie

TODAY’S Face In The Crowd is one with the power to get tongues wagging in more ways than one with a movement that is very new to our shores but is taking over different countries of the globe by storm.

GeMo Edoxie (her spelling) is a 22 year old free spirit who has entered into a new phase of her life which is all about self awareness and discovery…starting with her own body and feminity itself.

Spearheading the St. Lucian version of the “Free The Nipple” campaign, the young dancer/artist is on a mission to get women to be more in touch with themselves and their bodies but most importantly, she is bidding to get the nation, especially men to view women’s bodies as more than taboo sex objects and instead to see them as equals who deserve the same respect as their male counterparts.

The VOICE: Where does this passion for the expression and liberation of the female body come from?

GeMo: Great question! It comes from questioning myself and how I would like to be received as an entire human being rather than the ‘idea’ of one. After studying myself and how I feel before, during and after a performance or relationship, I find pieces of myself that I believe can be expressed in a fuller nature. Being publicly naked especially as a female with a maturing body has exposed me to a lot of beliefs that I have adopted along the way and it serves me more in an empowering manner rather than an inspiring one. Constantly being honest and true to those suppressed parts of myself allows me to face those beliefs with an open heart and I feel more connected to my own curves and skin. I feel alive within myself and it excites me to be in the presence of females who have discovered and feel themselves FOR themselves in their own skin.

The VOICE: Now I’m aware that you have an ongoing campaign called “Free The Nipple”. Tell me about it…why, when and who is involved?

GeMo: Yes! I am quite active in the Free The Nipple movement which is actually a global liberation of the perception of the mature female breasts that has been going on for almost a year now. I was exposed to the movement a few months ago, first from Cara Delevigne who is a British based model who promotes the movement via social media. I then saw the movie which is based on the origin of the movement and it inspired me to act and speak out where I am. The movement is about exposing the double-standards in our global society that condemns the revealing of the female breast unless it is revealed under the labelling of “pornography”. This strict portrayal of the female nipples creates a hyper-sexualised perception of the female nipples whereas male nipples are seen as just a normal part of their anatomy. The movement embraces the freedom of a woman to show her nipples wherever a man is allowed the privilege to. Currently, on this island, I have had the honour of meeting four women who feel empowered in their skin and nipples to stand with me in the name of equality. We come from different lifestyles yet we all share this connection through our common freedom. I am really excited to meet more women who are in this flow of great energy both on island and abroad. It is truly worth my every breath and it’s all quite a pleasant surprise to wake up to, especially seeing males who view women like myself in an openly embracing manner. I feel more connected to the masculine perspective as well, thanks to my involvement in this movement.

The VOICE: Ok so with the campaign, what are you hoping to achieve in St. Lucia?

GeMo: I would like to trigger and inspire inward thought on how we treat ourselves and our surroundings as a people. I have observed our culture to be very outwardly influenced rather than inwardly inspired into action. I intend to be myself fully, wherever I am and to speak and express myself without inhibitions. I believe that creates a natural connection to me and my surroundings. I would like to achieve the feeling of humanity in Saint Lucia, not the idea of humanity but the actual feeling and connection.

The Voice: Do you think that this is a movement that will catch on or even be accepted here?

GeMo: To be honest, I don’t know. I got involved in this with very little expectation. All I know is that what the movement stands for resonates with me and allows me to explore worthwhile parts of myself and meet people who feel and do the same. I believe the movement is just a means of opening a deeper conversation that everyone will be a part of in their own time and within their own means of expression. Whether it’s while I’m still breathing as GeMo or after, all that matters to me is that I feel it while I can.

The VOICE: Some might argue that you are sending out the wrong message and that women’s bodies should be sacred and not put on display?

GeMo: I no longer entertain arguments. They only fulfil my intellectual ego and put me in a position where I only feel at peace when I have asserted my view rather than actually connect to the person on the other side of the argument. The idea of debates tends to bore me now. I’m not here to tell anyone (man/woman) what their body is to be seen as or used for. I am here to stand up in the freedom of who I am with what I am, as what I am. Other people are free to have their personal perceptions of me and thankfully, so am I.

The VOICE: It’s sad to say but we live in a society that is overly sexualised in the wrong way where women are being told that they should cover up or else… With all the threats of rape and or sexually based violence do you ever worry that this movement might be feeding the flames so to speak?

GeMo: I believe this movement flips the script and allows a broader perspective on rape itself. Women’s bodies and sexuality itself has been dehumanized and constantly served to us as a product rather than a living part of an individual which changes and evolves with the individual. I believe this movement creates a conversation and openness for people to get more in tune with our own bodies, feelings and thought patterns which creates room for both positive and negative exploration. In my opinion, knowledge is always power and the more one knows about oneself through one’s own self-study, the easier it will be to see and connect to each other rather than forcing connections through selfish intentions and urges.

The VOICE: Now you are very young yourself but is this a path that you would encourage younger girls to take?

GeMo: Yes! Totally. This movement actually received a recent boost from Iceland when a seventeen year took it upon herself to create a Free The Nipple day in her school. I am in awe to see young women standing up for the rights of their bodies and to be honest, I dream of seeing elderly women who can portray that same empowerment.

The VOICE: Do you see where this can become worrisome because already grown women face serious threats with sexual predators, won’t this movement among teenagers in particular open the doors freely for paedophiles to feed their perversions?

GeMo: I believe the movement offers an abundance of real life nakedness rather than a strict viewing of what nakedness is “supposed” to look like. There will always be predators in a society that breeds victimizing roles to be played out by its people. This movement stands for empowerment. It stands for taking initiative and standing up for what one believes. As a female of this island, I believe a female’s right to not be raped should be honoured whether she is clothed or not. I believe a man deserves the same respect. Our perversions are not based on others, in fact they are based on our own wounds and painful perceptions of life.

The VOICE: What has been the response of society and especially your family towards your part in this movement?

GeMo: My perspective on the term ‘family’ has broadened and so I no longer see the word strictly applied to humans who share my surname etc. The entire human specie is my family and so whether it is my mother or a random elderly lady on the street, I respect that person’s space by being true and honest to who I am and how I feel and I allow that person to be what represents them. The members of my family whose lives are lived from a religious perspective believe my voice to be “of the devil”. Others find my presence quite inspiring and courageous. I prefer not to base my feelings of myself in other people’s personal perception of me. All in all, this movement is allowing me to be more connected and raw with myself and those I come into contact with

The VOICE: Are you worried about the legal aspect of the movement as it goes against the law of indecent exposure?

GeMo: I believe the laws of a land represent its people’s beliefs and I am a living person of this land who doesn’t believe the human body to be indecent when exposed. I also believe we have sat down and allowed one religious belief system to dominate our land for long enough. I believe that as a people, we all deserve the right to be properly and equally represented in our law system. Women especially have been objectified and victimized by our current law system and this has led us to becoming manipulative in order to survive. Personally, I am disgusted with the way we have accepted the treatment of our physical earthly representation of ourselves. So no, I am not in a state of worry. I am in a state of inspiration, observation and appreciation.

The VOICE: To the women out there of all ages who are interested in this movement but feel uncomfortable due to factors like weight, skin condition or even body types, what would you say to them?

GeMo: I’d say start small. No one owes the world a public display of their insecurities. I’d recommend surrounding oneself with women who feel empowered with their stretch marks, cellulite, skin conditions, etc. If you can’t find them in your immediate surroundings, search online. Feed your mind with worth that goes beyond skin deep and it will help to open your sight to the beauty that shines through what you once perceived to be flaws. It’s natural to crawl before we stand. I believe the journey to the Stand is just as important as the Stand itself. Freeing the nipples is about facing the parts of ourselves that we believe are “unacceptable” and finding the courage to see it as a worthy part of who we are.

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  1. The E(U)doxie family with a U fater the E is a GREAT family tree. The one of my generation and obviously before.
    Now, if this attractive daughter of Fair Helen is a true relation of that esteemed family, then she is a breakaway branch.
    I truly respect artiste and their continuous expressions {of testing conventional limits”. Many have, through their innovations , taken their art form into new paradigms:
    -Louis Armstrong-Duke Ellington-Dizzy Gillepsie-John Coltrane-Miles Davis et al
    -The Beatles-The Rolling Stones-Jimi Hendrix- Pearl Jam- Prince
    -Little Richard- Michael Jackson-
    Billie Holiday-Aretha Franklin
    Katherine Durham-Alvin Ailey
    Alexander the Great- Augustus & Julius Ceasar (yup War is an art For albeit a destructive one at first but in its wake there is always a shift from the previous paradigm (e.g., the Civil War consolidated the USA and placed the Military -Industrial Complex at the top of the GNP (Le most luscious plum of future govts.). With this well endowed trajectory the US was on its way to the top and to surpass all historical dynasties. War has also germinated new inventions for medical procedures, and engineering projects.

    Back to the innovation of BARING NIPPLES by men and not women.
    Here are some facts to consider:
    -A most popular route of arousal that brings on the autonomous self lubrication and apperture expectancies of the (distant) Vulva and early swelling of the Clitoris – is a well informed attention to the nipples and breasts of a woman.

    – Men are hot wired from birth to LOVE, gravitate and bond to the breast At first for sustenance and survival. Next, for Psychological Gender identification. Then, during the teen years to AWAKEN dormant hormones in a motivation to do all that is necessary preparation for adulthood and (moral) continuation of the species.

    -The hormones of men and women are as different as Venus and Mars.
    The former has calming peaceful effects (the role of creative childbirth is a possible divine differentiation); while the latter is fueled by aggression and war like preparations (possible divine differentiation is to defend, support the family unit).

    All this sounds very primitive but I bet the house that a neanderthal or Cro magnon had a similar (more intense I bet) erection when he placed his mouth around the nipples of his mate; as do (real straight) men do, today.
    – NYC Reis Beach (Now part of the Federal Gateway Park System), once experimented with a topless section of the beach for those who enjoyed a full body tan experience. It was so popular that many untied their bikini bottoms for a totally nude experience. It was banned and an in all honesty. Yes , I am a breast adorer but I can differentiate the view as Natural art form- in much the same way that Matisse and the early Rivere Gauche Masters started their apprenticeships on nude models.

    – Most urban areas of the world would need segregated areas (well policed) to allow bare nipples. That’s why we have exclusive nude colonies, n’est pas?
    -The costs of protecting women (already under full assault from misogynist messages embedded in RAP /HIP HOP songs (the common denominator is that women are hoes worthy of Attila the Hun styled atrocities) would be too high, We are in an economic downturn!
    -Throw in bare breasted women to RAP frenetic hordes? WOW the mosh pit will never be the same. Bacchus would smile with delight as the popularity of his altar of erotica rivals that of the moralistic Basillica.

    -Finally, with the exception of our queer sub population , most straight men feel a competitive motivation to hit the gym and get their six pack in gear -rather than a sexual arousal for a bare breasted male. On the other hand a pair of luscious 38D’s will send even Desmond Tutu into a fantastic flight of uninhibited yearnings.

    I can mentor any 1st year law school student to throw out a case of aggravated sexual assault,for a male tiger who encountered a bare breasted woman at the tiki bar and beach grill , then shared (parallel or interactive) a twilight drinks and swim, oui!.

  2. Just a footnote to add a viewpoint-albeit a subliminal one-_ learned from a true “Don Juan” -bar none.

    This rare handsome adult male with the looks, moves and trophy wall of a local “007- My name is Bond” was the smoothest I’ve ever known. One of the quotes of this Master of romantic conquests was “A woman in a tasty full cover up swim suit is far more interesting than one in a sexy string bikini.”
    It took a long time past adolescence to fully appreciate his words.
    As a good listener /learner I wish to add that the more “Excessively deliberate” a pantie rim is showing above the waistline of a female’s pants or skirt the higher the likelihood that you will get no where with your advances or if you do, you will have inherited a man-eating (as in shark) drama queen with ferocious attitude 🙂

    Another, is the perception that perhaps the Muslim women are more interesting to their mates because of their cover all wardrobe?
    Men, are from Mars and have an adventurous hormonal flow. Like the wolf, they delight in the hunt.

    They love to peel back layers to discover. A former college classmate who worked part-time as a stripper/gogo dancer at a rich Gentleman’s club told me that the art is in the tantalizing journey of the peeling of to a seductive dance routine. The high in her customers eyes and body language reached crescendo levels during the tasty peeling off . It was all over -more like a soft crash when nudity was finally present.
    Men do love the hunt and their primitive experiences of PEEK_A_BOO.

    Many marriages fail the test of intimacy because that crucial play is void/absent.
    Today’s harried wage earner often lead earner in the household will specify when and where to lay down presenting in horizontal TENSHUN! like a slab of raw bacon -eyes closed- missionary style- for her mate to have at his matrimonial ration.

    Now, let’s vignette the smart modern wife. The serious dinner talk and leisure tech slots are past. She has bathed and strategically prepared for a casual stable presentation within the boudoir.
    She wears a teddy set / matching knee length soft night gown and even a light full length gown. As her mate enters the boudoir, she engages him in light but warm conversation to create ambiance – a sweet poem off the web or a shared memory of a seaside picnic or the colors in the garden all subliminally enhance the equilibrium for romance.
    Simultaneously, she invites him to help peel off the first piece of garment as she reads or recites.
    As her bare legs show with that layer off, she invites him to moisturize them reflecting that soap and water can rob moisture off the body. As he massages Palmers cocoa butter/oil on her legs. She gently inquires (not ask or demand) if she can return the same. Naturally, the invite to the shoulder and arms and neck will reveal our Venus in her teddy but wait here is the critical juncture.

    By now our virile Mustang 5.0 should be revving in 1st on all 8 cylinders with turbo on hi alert, BUT, whereas an immature stallion takes the initiative to maneuver for a continuation rub massage (slyly) of the southern brush fires ( a dead giveaway of his self centered ID driven bushwacking intentions;
    on the other hand a true romantic gentleman would announce politely ” may I apply some of this moisture enhancing oil /lotion/butter to your splendid breasts?”

    He should start ever so gently on the surrounding rib/breast plate and work inwards to the delightful mounds. At this time the remote audio has triggered a non vocal melody. “Bolero” is not for the faint of heart, however Japanese Zen music is a great equalizer of harmony. Timing is everything for the male, at some point in the breast rub he must kiss the nipple with tender but firm attention and focus to its delectable sensuality- with his tongue-tip. The rest is like coasting downhill with the wind at your back.

    Too bad the mystery of intimacy is lost on too many who aspire to be as debonaire as the movie icon Madame X.

    The menu at Mickey D’s will never include Orange Glazed Peking Duck or tenderloin sauteed in Cabernet-Sauvignon sauce, n’est pas?

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