Workers’ Credit Union Makes A Move

Gablewoods Location For Better Service

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THE St. Lucia Workers’ Credit Union continues to go from strength to strength creating greater opportunities and advantages for its members at every stage. Indicative of the SLWCU’s faith in the future is the announcement of the credit union’s move to bigger and better facilities at the Gablewoods Mall on Monday.

Ironically, the new premises that the Credit Union is moving to were once occupied by the RBTT/RBC bank. As one interested bystander put it: “The St. Lucia Workers’ Credit Union is really snapping at the heels of the big foreign banks!”

The comment, though frivolous, was quite apt. A comparison is appropriate because like all credit unions, the St. Lucia Workers’ Credit Union is owned and operated by its members, which means better rates and lower fees than those that customers in both local and foreign commercial banks have to put up with.

The Board of Directors and the employees of the St. Lucia Workers’ Credit Union are excited by this move to new premises and the opportunity to serve their members even better in the years to come. The credit union’s easy access and heightened visibility at the Gablewoods Mall will, it is anticipated, result in more and more St. Lucian workers discovering the advantages of joining their credit union.

The St. Lucia Workers’ Credit Union says it is the ideal, and natural choice for the workers of St Lucia when considering how best to safeguard their future and build a better tomorrow.

Said a spokesman: “A union implies unity, a common bond, a shared goal, and mutual assistance and support. The next time you pass the premises of the St. Lucia Workers’ Credit Union at Gable-woods, pause for a moment and consider whether or not the credit union would be the right choice for you. Now is the time for the workers of St. Lucia to form a common bond to the benefit of us all. Let the St. Lucia Workers Credit Union become the private sector Credit Union for the workers of St. Lucia”.

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