Who Runs Vieux Fort?

WHY is the southern town not realizing its potential?

Why are Vieux Fortians not being more involved in the decision-making that accompanies its overall development?

Vieux Fortian Dr. Anderson Reynolds, a member of the Vieux Fort Tourism Development Group, a lead consultant at EconoTech Consulting Services, managing director of Jako Productions, and author of three award willing books, tackles these and other issues in a frank, hard-hitting four-part series beginning in THE VOICE this coming Saturday

In his first article, Reynolds concludes that there is a socio-economic and leadership vacuum in the town and hails the advent of volunteers who have come together in the Vieux Fort Tourism Development Group which has stepped into the breach.

Don’t miss WHO RUNS VIEUX FORT beginning in THE VOICE this Saturday and continuing next Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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