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What Manner Of Man Is This?

By Peter Josie
By Peter Josie

IN the approach to an analysis of agriculture experimentation, the young agronomist and budding scientist is taught to keep the controllable controlled, and the uncontrollable as controlled as possible. In addition to lectures on the design of field trials design he/she is introduced of the Null-Hypothesis when evaluating differences in performance of plant species.

As in all scientific investigation the crucial rule is to avoid subjective human error and to use available tools of investigation, observation and analysis objectively. The true scientist (and man of learning) never inserts or imposes himself on the matter under investigation. If such a trained mind acquires Economics, Philosophy and History he becomes fully equipped to assist in the good governance and development of his country. For such trained persons the secret of success in politics lays in keeping an objective, arm’s length distance, from vulgar political players, no matter their qualifications. Such people need adulation to make them feel accomplished – and important.

For some inexplicable reason best known to them, some local political persons who have read law, with its narrow precedents think themselves best suited to govern a country. Such misplaced arrogance seems to follow those for whom politics adds value to an otherwise unsung progeny of dubious antecedents. Perhaps this false sense of heightened value may explain the herd which now flocks law faculties. There are fortunately much more to some legal practitioners than fits these damning observations. One can count many distinguished sons and daughters of Saint Lucia, who have never dishonoured the legal profession but, on the contrary have added luster to its import and practice.

The sad fact remains however, that too many lawyers who dabble in politics have exposed for all to see their weak and unscrupulous natures. In the public domain a lawyer who aspires to political leadership and gains it, had better be armed with an irreproachable character and proper home training, in addition to a strong moral and ethical conduct. Such a one is likely to make a difference in the lives of those over whom he/she governs. Narrowness of mind, outright lies and tokenism in the distribution of economic spoils is anathema to a man or woman of honour, regardless the size of the basket of law degrees which, he or she carries.

These preliminary observations lead to the inexorably conclusion that character, scientific training and an impartial objectivity are sine qua non for proper, correct and compassionate leadership – not consumed by self and the proverbial “I” and “me” of ‘little’ men with large egos. In this regard, I am at a loss to discover why anyone who has kept a close watch on his behaviour; his propensity to travel at the slightest drop of a hat, his painful lack of transparency and outright lies, should be surprised by the recent ‘Impacs’ speech from the Saint Lucia Prime Minister.

Rick Wayne was again on-the-money on his television talk show last Thursday evening. Rick observed that the Prime Minister delivered a ‘speech’ and not the ‘Impacs Report’ which many had been led to expect. Those who had waited anxiously for either vindication or relief did so in vain. Any concrete finding of guilt or innocence which fair minded persons expected to hear discussed during that speech was sadly absent. The performance was true to form. Instead of sharing cogent information with the electorate, the buck was passed to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), for action – or inaction! The Prime Minister was careful to lay the ground for his copout. It may well have been the first time that the three branches on which the system of western democracy rests was so carefully explained by a deceitful tongue.

But wait a minute! Wasn’t this the same man who first brought the nation’s attention to ‘extra-judicial killings? Wasn’t it from the same devious lips that the people first heard that a ‘black’ (or is it death?) list existed? Wasn’t it he who first said that the island was sinking under the weight of corruption? Has anyone forgotten that fingers were pointed at certain politicians implicating them in the illicit drug trade? Who was the politician in opposition who constantly harassed the King UWP Government? Who was the opposition politician who drove the people into a morass of fear and foreboding by his non-stop harangue including the accusation that the UWP was planning on introducing VAT on the people?

A close and impartial observer would notice that the Prime Minister extracted from the Impacs Report the identical three issues which he used to harass the former government. Recall dear reader, that the Impacs study was commissioned by him. He dictated the matters to be investigated. The report confirms what many Saint Lucians suspected. “I” reporting to “I-self,” and “I-self” and “I” taking it upon “I,” to interpret and report the report to ‘de people’?Had the ‘Big Brother’ been around he would have had a field day on the Castries market steps – and in his Crusader newspaper. EbienQueekQuak!

The most important point in all this is that the justice system is broken! The DPP’s office is understaffed. This lack is conspicuous. Still the question remains: Who has ultimate responsibility for law and order and Justice in Saint Lucia? Remember that the leader of the country is also the Minister of Finance and holds a PhD in Law. Why are there persons languishing in prison at Bordelaiswhilst the government tries its damnedest to drag this island into the CCJ? Who must fix the criminal justice system to the satisfaction of the average citizen? How many Saint Lucians will ever appeal to the CCJ compared to the numbers who face the lower courts every day?

Please observe dear reader that the Prime Minister has done precious little since he re-entered office. In fact nothing would be closer to the truth! Also note that, a bite had been taken out of crime and Saint Lucians breathed a sigh of relief under the former UWP Government. Confidence was restored! Therefore say with me: Long live the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force – minus its handful of bad eggs. Long live Commissioner Francois! The peace and quiet we now enjoy has been due in large measure to the work and action of the Royal Saint Lucia Police.

The fact of ‘no homicides in January and February 2015’ is largely due to that work. The lower crime figures have also been helped by the conservative opposition UWP, refusing to harass the government thereby creating an atmosphere of strife and discord. Harassment and constant criticism of clueless Labour is not the style of the UWP or its leader Allen Chastanet. Labour on the other hand cares little about country – only their pockets matter! Their constant agitation in opposition (and in government too) sends the wrong message to the unhappy, discontented and criminally minded elements in society.

In closing may I remind you dear reader to be wary of political persons who, for whatever reason, think the world revolves around them? Such persons are like the cock which thinks the sun had risen to hear him crow. They are a danger to society because they cannot see past their inner genetic frailties. Such men are in fact weak and spineless. They need the robe of power to amount them to something of value. Therefore judged them not from external appearances! They may appear wholesome and pleasing to the untrained eye but, remember that God looks not on the outward appearance, but on the inner man – his heart – so should you.

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  1. Perchance, your opening agro salvo was indicative of the boeuf manure that you are composting. Your shovel was adequate for laying down the overarching framework that governs-in general- the scientific method of experiments:
    From there on you utilized meat cleaver and even a chain saw (Justice system’s fusion with Bordelais facility?)- where a scalpel and or laser incisions is the preferred modus operandi.

    I wonder what your connections WERE to the opening and earliest management of the abbatoir at the juncture of the VFort-Laborie road and the St Judes Hospital Road? (official-as in political rep of Vfort and agriculture czar of that era’s government)
    Did you specialize in animal or plant husbandry?. Were you ever a butcher?Not referring to the Sobers era sportsmanship that brought glory to WI cricket legacy.

    Ah, but the sly Marie Island Fox did show when you -like all of us who wish for the peace and serenity we once knew- “back in the day” hipped hooray and esteem on our RSLP.
    Many school children used teachers and police officers as “SIGNIFICANT OTHERS”.
    Mr. Francois is an ideal significant other for many , especially those who are in single family homes or have both parents working in a rotation that begs for QUALITY TIME -as a family.

    In the bastion of democracy, every president since Johnson has prefaced the struggle to tame the out of control; social maladies with “WAR” i.e., WAR ON POVERTY-WAR ON DRUGS AND WAR ON CRIME

    As a voracious scholar of Military scenarios past and present may I refresh the term “SURGICAL STRIKE”. This term and its application reached it’s zenith during the Vietnam War. There your current strategy (use of meat cleaver or chain saw when a scalpel is called for) was tres appropo. Imagine a couple of regiments are using the cover of the deep jungle to harass and lay siege to your garrison compound. Well, you call up a B-52 (isn’t that the super fortress intercontinental bomber capable of delivering payloads of thermo nuclear bombers -anywhere in the world -flying nonstop!! ) to carpet bomb (Napalm) an area the size of 1/10 of St Lucia and to seal the deal with a thorough drenching of Agent Orange (herbicide).

    Your TET offensive (pun intended) at the complexity of the justice system and your veiled mockery of the balance of powers among the judicial-legislative and executive branches was in very bad form wavering towards wayward irresponsibility. Your offensive recipe should be titled “Stone-Mud-Soup.

    The access to an efficient and expedient Judicial system(in most Capitalist countries) like most items of status quo in our western hemisphere is most readily available as the $currency$ bank rolls, oui!
    Neither Jails nor Heaven were designed (by default) with the RICH in mind. Surely, it is a fact etched in your mothballed library of revolutionary texts, n’est pas?

    Since, you came into your own” during the anguish of the South East Asia “Inferno”- I ask ” did you specialize in animal husbandry and or what if any are your links to the VFort abattoir during your official government posts/responsibilities?

    My motive is based on one that you suggested in a previous post. Fair Helen needs experienced agro experts -at all levels- to motivate GREEN awareness among the youth. Not all will grow bananas but all can participate in the effective stewardship of all our ecosystems. Their fragility and interdependence are threatened by providence on a cyclical “roulette” but WE remain the greatest DAILY destroyer of our lands and sea. Your talents and experience could go a long way in the reeducation / retooling to save our ecosystems.
    It shall be a far more honorable quest- with a return to your revolutionary zeal-
    Instead of the gory calamity that is ” political butchering” 🙁 of national situations- by opportunists.
    WE need a broad perspective and Quilting skills.

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