V-ball Association A Model, Says NORCECA Chief


PRESIDENT of NORCECA and First Vice President of the International Volleyball Federation was lavish in his approbation and praise of the St. Lucia Volleyball Association and its President Brian Louisy last Saturday, at the St. Lucia Volleyball Association’s 2015 Recognition Evening at Bay Gardens Hotel.

Presenting St. Lucia Volleyball Association as a role model Federation to be emulated by other small federations, President Cristobal MarteHoffiz chronicled the numerous successes and achievements of the Association in hosting technical courses for its officials, and its achievements in volleyball and beach volleyball between 2011 and 2014.

President Cristobal proclaimed: “There is no limit to what St. Lucia Volleyball can achieve in the sport”.

He suggested that if Santo Domingo’s women’s volleyball team could rise to be ranked number 5 in the world St. Lucia too could rise to the highest level. He rallied the St. Lucia Olympic Committee and the government to support the sport and he committed NORCECA’s continued financial and technical support for St. Lucia volleyball.

The Association gave out four special tokens of appreciation for outstanding support to volleyball to the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association; Glenn Quinlan, President of the Easter Caribbean Volleyball Association; Cristobal MarteHoffiz President NORCECA and First Vice President FIVB and Shawn Edward, Minister for Youth Development and Sports in St. Lucia


The Top 15 players for 2014 were also named and recognized and they are: Joseph Clercent, Skye Mondesir, Cindy Wilson, Andre Marquis, SanchaIsidore, Tevin St. Jean, Augustin Faulkner, JaydaHunte, Samantha Mann-Reid, Afernee Ferdinand, Dala Noel, Didier Noah, Nikita Greenidge, Natalie Edward and Julian Biscette.

Winners and runners-up in the Annual Bank of St. Lucia Guy Browne Memorial League were awarded their winning trophies. Second place in the Ladies Division went to Jetsetters Volleyball Club, while Le Club Volleyball won the Championship for the third consecutive year.

In the Male Division, South Stars Volleyball Club came in second, their highest place finish ever, while perennial Champions Jetsetters Volleyball Club won again.

The ultimate Awards went to – Nikita Greenidge; Youth Female Volleyball Player of the Year 2014, Andre Marquis, Youth Male Volleyball Player of the Year 2014; Augustin Faulkner; Junior Male Volleyball Player of the Year 2014, Skye Mondesir, Junior Female Volleyball Player of the Year 2014; SanchaIsidore, Senior Female Volleyball Player of the Year 2014 and Julian Biscette, Senior Male Volleyball Player of the Year 2014.

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