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Thrown Under The Bus

AS the honeymoon between Kenny and Richard / Stephenson reaches breaking point, the IMPACS Report may very well represent the final nail in the coffin. Both Stephenson and Richard may not have fully realised the chess game set by Kenny to neutralize his bette-noire in the UWP but this week’s IMPACS episode should leave no doubt in their minds that they have both been thrown under the bus.

As the sound of the election bell tolls in the distance, the actors and actresses on both sides of the political divide scramble for whatever seats remain available to all and sundry as the gerrymandering efforts attempted may well remain in the history books for some time. In the process, fence sitters suddenly become concerned that their options are gradually waning based on new and attractive candidates willing to carry the torch of political servitude as the ongoing promises of better days from the SLP dissipate into thin air.

These newcomers have the distinct possibility of attracting independents who represent the swing voters of the nation taking into account that this election may very well represent the lowest turnout in political history.

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