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Self Praise No Recommendation

The St Lucia Labour Party has consistently highlighted their strength of leadership but unfortunately the larger cross-section of St. Lucians appear in total disagreement as the nation’s economy continues to contract after three straight years in a row. Any administration with such a dismal performance needs to immediately revisit their strategy and desist from any form of misguidance. The old adage that “Self-Praise Is No Recommendation” remain current in our history books and actually speaks volumes.

The constant barrage of crude criticism towards the opposition only aggravates a nation crying out for hope. The responsibility of a Prime Minister is a vision to drive the economy and confidence with its people. Every individual with or without their drawbacks have one common goal which is gainful employment as the mind requires constant stimulation and a responsibility to their families. Politicians must understand that the responsibility of a nation is a serious undertaking and one individual alone at the helm without general consultation is doomed to failure. Funding or investments must be prioritized in every respect and regardless of the fact that funding is generated from Taiwan, European Union or ALBA. These funds should be invested to generate economic activity.

This nation can no longer tolerate unemployment at 40% amongst our youth with hundreds more leaving school each year. Vocational schools need to take precedence throughout the Island, as several industries like hospitality, construction and cruise line outlets remain at their wit’s end for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, joiners, chefs, bartenders, knowledgeable farmers and handymen in general. One must always understand that the basic requirements of life as simple as they may seem are what propels us to new heights.

— Frances Louis

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