Search On For Carnival Queen Contestants

Lyndon Arnold, Chairman of the CPMA
Lyndon Arnold, Chairman of the CPMA

THE Carnival Planning and Management Agency (CPMA) and the National Carnival Queen Pageant Committee have started the search for contestants to take part in this year’s Carnival Queen pageant.

Last Sunday they hosted the first leg of the auditions at the National Cultural Centre, where young ladies between the ages of 18 and 23 hailing from communities across the island came prepared to dazzle the judges and audience.

The ladies appeared in swimwear and evening wear and performed various talents in addition to an interview segment.

Confident and articulate introductions, unique talent showcases and interesting social commentary talent pieces, stunning designer gowns, powerful and thought‐provoking content interviews, encapsulated the atmosphere at the National Cultural Centre.

Lyndon Arnold, Chairman of the CPMA said: “We are still receiving many inquiries from young ladies who are still interested, some of whom encountered some challenges in meeting the delivery time of some documents which form part of the criteria of the application process.

“ We believe it is therefore only fitting that we extend the timeline so as to allow all hopefuls an equal opportunity’.

Arnold joined the Pageant Committee Chairman Mr. Trevor King in assuring all the young ladies that this year’s Queen show experience will be a very rewarding journey especially given what the Pageant Committee has in store for them.

All young ladies between the ages of 18‐23 are encouraged to come be part of this life‐changing experience through the final audition which will be held in April. The CPMA and the newly revamped Carnival Queen Pageant Committee promise that this year’s winners are guaranteed some very attractive prizes and unique opportunities.

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