NWU Suggests Changes At NIC

PRIME Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has been asked to place on probation as managers, the heads of the National Insurance Corporation offices in Soufriere and Rodney Bay and appoint a deputy director, among other things, so as to rescue the Corporation’s operations.

The advice came from the National Workers Union (NWU), and is contained in a letter, sent yesterday, to the Prime Minister.

This call from the trade union comes two days after employees returned to work from a 12 day strike that forced the Corporation’s management to accede to some of their major demands like an increase in wages, and to sign off on a three-year industrial agreement.

The decision to return to work was preceded last week by a statement from the union’s head, Tyrone Maynard that a return to work should mark the beginning of “a new Corporation” in respect of employee and employer relations.

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The union says that its letter to the Prime Minister cited a number of administrative misdemeanours within the Corporation’s operations, which have caused a loss of confidence by employees in management.

In calling for the appointment of a deputy director, the union noted that the selected person should not be tainted with the current NIC culture, must possess the required managerial skills and a human resource background.

The union wants the Prime Minister to discontinue the nomenclature of chief accountant and revert to financial comptroller, allowing that person to operate freely and to oversee all financial matters pertaining to the Corporation.

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