Make It Happen – GG Tells Netballers


THE St. Lucia National Netball Association Wednesday unveiled its new logo at Government House on just one month before St.Lucia play host to the 2015 Caribbean Netball Association’s Jean Pierre Under -16 Youth Tournament, from April 9-17.

Speaking at the ceremony Governor General Dame PearletteLouisy, Patron for Netball gave a stern warning to the players present “Netball is the premier sport for women in St. Lucia and the Commonwealth. I reflected on the theme for International Women’s Day which was Make It Happen. One couldn’t think of a better choice. We need to make it happen; I have been patron for the last 18 years and it’s about time to make the patron happy”.

She continued; Last year we did make some strides by being a participant at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. Making it happen and accepting that something has to happen means that you have to take personal responsibility for the outcome.

She had a special word of advice for all netballers, “You need to prepare yourself for any opportunity that presents itself. It is not when you are picked you start to train. You are picked because you are fit. Let us all prepare ourselves and maintain a high level of fitness and in doing so you will not burn out in round one”.

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