LIME In Schools’ Sports Sponsors Relay

THIS year’s Inter-Schools’ Athletics Championships finals held at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds Friday last, ended on a high note with lots of energy and keen participation by the young athletes as they fired up the track in their bid for glory. The youths delivered impressive performances and dozens came away with medals.

LIME – a major sponsor of the event, joined in the fun and excitement along with the other co-sponsors, by taking part in the first ever Sponsors’ Fun Race – a mixed 4×100 metre medley relay.

The LIME Upgrade Speed Team comprising staff members came up against teams from Lucozade and Ministry of Youth Development and Sports. While Ministry of Youth Development and Sports came in as clear winners, the LIME and Lucozade teams demonstrated the true spirit of friendly competition.

To further support the event, both companies encouraged other staff members who were able to, to pop in at the Beausejour Cricket Ground during lunch time to enjoy the fun and support the young athletes.

“We never expected to perform like Kirani James or Levern Spencer, but we were looking forward to having a great day of fun and showing the students that the sponsors are more involved than in previous years,” said LIME Marketing & Communications Executive, SharleneJnBaptiste.

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