Gov’t Helping Stranded Students

THE Government of Saint Lucia, through the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security has over the past weeks undertaken measures to secure the safety and health of approximately 76 individuals suspected to be victims of human trafficking.

According to the Government Information Service, the government is providing accommodation and support for 44 of these individuals.

GIS said the Ministry of Health is providing counselling and other health-related services, while agencies such as the St. Lucia Red Cross, CARITAS, NEMO, the New Beginnings Transit Home and the Ministry of Commerce, have also provided assistance.

A task force responsible for monitoring human trafficking has been activated and will continue to monitor developments.

The Government of Saint Lucia is also collaborating with the International Organization of Migration (IOM) to bring a resolution to this matter.

The students from Nepal and the Phillipines were left stranded after operators of a school in Gros Islet where they were studying, were arrested on charges of human trafficking.


  1. why the government police charge money landuring case to lambirdsacademy.due to my point of view that money are transfer in college account for visa processing and to book a seat over there by students.whats the real matter?if college will not reopen then that all students needs money and documents back.

  2. if a college have original documents then why colleges is closed.due to closed of college the students who are processing for that colleges also facing the problem because there passport are on there for processing.if college is closed for permanently then then we students needs money n passport refund and if its will open then we want to do further i request to government and high court to re open the college if they dont have fake documents n if its fake then refund all student money back on there same bank account as much of money students have transfer.all the students who are doint this process are from needy family.some of students are trying to sucide because they have fear of money on refund.we all students beg for the government n high to give right decision to all victim.thank you

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