Digicel Supports Schools Sports

DIGICEL recently supported the Aux Lyon Combined School and Dame PearletteLouisy Primary School in hosting their annual Fun Sports meets.

School sports such as that of Aux Lyons has a unique sense of community togetherness as parents, residents, both young and old, all come out to see who their upcoming star athletes are. Last Friday’s atmosphere at the Aux Lyons Playing Field was nothing short of exciting with fierce competition, ongoing cheers, and whistles.

The students of Dame PearletteLouisy commenced their sports meet with a superb march past of the houses, Visoners, Excellers, Achievers and Challengers..

Digicel’sMarketing and Communications Manager Tessa Antoine- Valace said: “Digicel recognizes the deep psychological and social benefits of sports. We recognize that sports contribute to not only building character but revealing it. Sport provides opportunities for children and youth to engage in valuable and positive activity while learning valuable life skills and lessons. It also provides an opportunity for children to safely navigate and negotiate between right and wrong as they learn to interact with peers and adults and develop a strong sense of respect. Through participating in sports Digicel also believes that it serves as an opportunity for young people to be agents of social change in their schools and communities.’

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