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Sandals Unveils A new Vision – Departments To Undergo Overhaul

SANDALS Grande Saint Lucian Beach Resort & Spa has unveiled its new vision and approach to the Luxury Included® product and services offered to its guests.

Food and Beverage Department exhibition
Food and Beverage Department exhibition

Under the direction of General Manager Mr. Winston Anderson, the hotel sought to underline its existing and proposed approach to its team members and stakeholders, as part of a bid to re-energize and stimulate open thinking and appreciation for the product ‘Sandals’.

The event came less than two months after the milestone UNVEILING activity led by CEO of Sandals Resorts International Mr. Adam Stewart in October at the same property, which sought to underline the company-wide commitment to growth and the overall revolution in tourism and hospitality in the Caribbean.

What the Grande has sought to achieve, is a condensed version of this exercise focusing on the individual departments within the property that makes the overall operation come together.

Each department will undergo considerable overhaul; from the attitude of the management team and team members to the quality and standard of services afforded to guests.

New services could be expected through the property’s impressive Sales and Red Lane Spa departments along with the overall Luxury Included® experience for the guests.

The physical structure of the property will also be affected with considerable resources being budgeted for such an achievement.

“We are ready to transform the Grande into an even better World Class Resort and with all our inputs that vision will be achieved. I am confident about it,” Anderson said.

He added, “In the hospitality industry, it’s not so much about grand innovation, it’s about a lot of little innovations: every day, every week, every month, making something a little bit better.”

Among the changes cited by Mr. Anderson include a revised look at the personal experience of guests, which, according to him, is to create an unsurpassed level of comfort for them.

“If you look close enough you will see that what we offer here is not just about Luxury – it is also about comfort and I encourage us all here to deliver this quality experience through our own personal satisfaction, dedication and enjoyment of what we do.

“In our profession, precision and perfection are not a dispensable luxury, but a simple necessity.

“It is the ultimate luxury for our guests, when we combine our passion with our contribution,” Mr. Anderson said.

Regional Director for Sandals Resorts International Eastern Caribbean Mr. Andre Dhanpaul has commended the move and he has encouraged the team at Sandals Grande to continue to stand firm while wishing them continued success going forward.

The Sandals Resorts International team in Jamaica has endorsed the event and overall approach with personal statements from directors and the CEO Mr. Adam Stewart and Director of Corporate Services Mr. Jeremy Jones.

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