Mental Wellness Centre Spreads Cheer

WITH Christmas drawing near, staff and patents of the Mental Wellness Centre took it upon themselves to spread Christmas cheer through a program dubbed “Five Mornings of Christmas Carol Singing.”

During the five-day activity last week, the choir performed at various locations including the Mental Wellness Centre, Constitution Park, and the Castries market steps.

SharmaineHippolyte-Thomas, Executive Director of Mental Health Services said: “We just want to share good cheer with the public and especially our patients. We may not have tangible gifts to offer but we want to remind the public and our out-patients that even as the season is on we want them to remain joyous in-spite of the challenges which they face. Also we want to encourage them to be compliant with their medication and to keep in close contact with family members so that they continue to get the support that they are used to getting.”

The Executive Director stated that this initiative has been a huge motivator for the staff and out-patients of the Mental Wellness Centre, as well as their families. She is hoping to make it an annual activity.

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