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Mary On My Mind

I am sitting at my desk with Mary on my mind. Not the Mary of the Yuletide season who gave birth to Our Saviour, but the Mary of the Civil Service Association (CSA).

And to my left sits the CSA, Mary’s jilted lover while on the right sits her new beau, the United Workers Party (UWP).

Despite all Mary’s talk about the CSA now having a voice in the parliament of Saint Lucia now that she is a Senator, and even though she still holds on to the title of President of the CSA, she will soon be leaving behind her former lover.

And the tears of her former lover will not change her mind. It may be killing her to see the tears of the CSA flow like a river, after all she showed she loved all the members of the CSA by standing up for them throughout the protracted negotiations with the government, but was that love genuine when she knew all along that this was, for her, a stepping stone, to a senatorship and possibly a chance at the ultimate goal of being a government Minister?

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And did the CSA know that while Mary was lying there beside them, fighting alongside them for better work conditions, and for a halt to plans to adjust the pay of its members that she had the UWP on her mind?

Oh, some surely did know but not the majority. And would the majority have supported her so handsomely as they did when elections for president of the CSA were held earlier this year if they knew beforehand that their support was merely a tool to be used by her to catapult herself into higher office?

For the past seven or so months the CSA could have safely said that Mary loved them and that she would have placed no one above them. To be honest, she showed that. What the CSA did not know was that Mary had plans of her own and that while the CSA fitted in those plan, those plans also involved another lover. Mary, while dancing with the CSA was also, unknown to them, dating the UWP.

Of course, in this country people talk. Most times that’s all they do – talk! And talk they did, saying that Mary was cheating on her first lover, the CSA. And, keeping true to form, whenever we are caught doing something that’s wrong whether it’s from an ethical or moral point of view, or against the law of the land, we deny it. We say that’s not true. Mary did all of that.

She steadfastly maintained her innocence when her infidelity was publicized. It started in June of this year when it was discovered that her speeches as a trade unionist were similar to utterances of the UWP on the government’s proposal for deficit reduction. She downplayed the utterances. Then there was the talk that she was participating in a plot to undermine the Labour Administration in the hope that it would help the UWP gain political office. Again Mary just brushed this aside, denying that as well.

Then there was that press release accusing Mary of holding talks with the UWP and out of which came the alleged memorandum of understanding between the CSA’s executive and the UWP highlighting diplomatic passports and Senate positions from the UWP. We all know how that was treated by Mary. Today it seems that there is more in the mortar than the pestle because a Senate position has been given to the head of the CSA. Could it be that diplomatic passports are also in the mortar for other CSA executive members should the UWP win the next elections?

Tuesday of this week Mary showed that her love for the UWP was stronger than her love for the CSA, even though she had loved the CSA for a long time, a far longer time than she has loved the UWP. And despite trying hard not to let her love for the UWP show, her love for her new lover was so strong that she decided that she could no longer keep it hidden.

Mary cannot deny that she had been collaborating with the UWP for quite some time. It’s now all in the open. The Senate position that was dangled before her and which she accepted did not materialize overnight. Today Mary’s credibility is now in question.

How could anyone take her at her word when all along she kept denying her association with the UWP as President of the CSA? In fact she is still President of the CSA. She speaks of precedence being set in the region for what she did. Really! People in positions like Mary should stand on principle not precedence.

An unprincipled act done many times over does not make it right.

Her refusal to dispel suspicion that she was in bed with the UWP while leading the CSA in its fight with government over the past seven or so months now speaks volumes because now anyone con say that it was the UWP and not Mary that was speaking for the CSA this year. What legitimacy Mary now has to dispel that view?

Micah George is an established name in the journalism landscape in St. Lucia. He started his journalism tutelage under the critical eye of the Star Newspaper Publisher and well known journalist, Rick Wayne, as a freelancer. A few months later he moved to the Voice Newspaper under the guidance of the paper’s recognized editor, Guy Ellis in 1988.

Since then he has remained with the Voice Newspaper, progressing from a cub reporter covering court cases and the police to a senior journalist with a focus on parliamentary issues, government and politics. Read full bio...


  1. Mecah:

    You just NAILED IT, painting a naked picture of Delila, the treacherous actions by this woman is beyond precedent. Now we know well, that while she lay spread-eagle in the bed with C.S.A., she was having wet-dreams of Allen Chastanet and U.W.P. – not to mention the moaning and orgasms were all the faked actions of a professional prostitute.

    What is tragic is the sincere efforts injected by Chester Hinkson to reach a beneficial outcome for the members of the C.S.A. workers, were sabotaged by Allen Chastanet working through Mary Issac, turned La-ja-bles.

    1. When one is perhaps forced to listen to the patently asinine arguments bandied about regarding this appointment of a trade unionist being a member of our Senate, one is left no other reasonable thought than that there are few with any leadership qualities IN THE ENTIRE RESIDENT POPULATION. Yes, in the entire population! Nobody shows any capacity to deal with ambiguity. NOT our goodly senators!

      The blatant dishonesty is staggering! Firstly, who and what was George F. L. Charles BEFORE he became the head of the Saint Lucia Labour PARTY?

      Secondly, name the group that characterised the membership of the REGIONAL GROUP that facilitated the creation of the defunct West Indies Federation? (Nuff history notes Mr. Mondesir : ) Enjoy your retirement.)

      Third, let’s not go too far afield, how many members of the Senate in Barbados, (next door!) have been BOTH senators in government and AT THE SAME TIME, have held top titles in the hierarchy of the leading labour union there? (Check the regional ILO office.)

      Lastly, the law says that a member of the public service shall NOT appear on the PLATFORM of any political party. If Ms. Issacs no longer holds a civil service position, what LEGALLY now debars her from serving both as senator and the leader of a labour union? Is it the constitution of the CSA?

  2. Principles! What a laugh! That boat has long sailed in St. Lucia!

    It shows the complete obtuseness and hypocracy when Mary Issacs can be singled out for a move to try and make a difference in our corrupt and immoral island. St. Lucia has become an island and community operating at the level of the least common denominator with no morality and philosophy to guide actions at the personal and public levels.

    We have watched legislative theft of billions through borrowing over the last 16 years. This debt has been put on the shoulders of future generations with no accountability or audits to determine the efficiency of nation building with this millstone around the necks of our children. We show no respect for private property (thou shall not steal) when we accept as normal that MPs can go into Parliament and just tax and borrow and spend like drunken sailors. Democracy can only work when a people operate with a certain set of principles and the acceptance of this voting to steal and waste peoples’ wealth to ‘give’ back to a mendicant population is indicative that we have lost any awareness of Christian values. Add to that of course the hundreds of millions in kickbacks and salaries and perks and perdiems for those at the top.
    The founders of the United States warned of this very thing , of a political set of charletans operating as the mechanism by which the people vote for more and more goodies from government without any thought for how we pay for this freeness in the future.

    We remember the utter contempt for truth and adherence to hypocracy with first the attack on VAT then the full embrace. Also the attack on restraint on salary increases then the DEMAND for 5% cuts.
    We watch as our civil service operates as a cash dispenser with no expectation of service, as our health service, sports programs, schools and other public institutions are gutted and serve no use as providers of value of money to the citizen.

    Any day of the year I and most St. Lucians would look to Mary assuming some form of leadership role in St. Lucia as anything would be better than the scamps now in office.

    As we go along our daily quest in St. Lucia and see the hardness and numbness in our people brought on by depravation and the wandering in the desert that is Lucian life I find it amusing how this contrasts with the magical pronouncements and fraudulent positionings on social media by party hacks and operatives.
    This has been one of the findings of marketing people in the USA where liberal/socialist/progressive operatives corrupt the messages on social media in the attempt to portray a reality that does not exist.
    The SLP will lose the next elections hands down with a good probability of an election loss of 15-2 by a people totally fed up with the hardship the propaganda and the lies.

    1. Saint Lucia’s politics is a veritable cesspool. Very few, if any, of the sh%$#@-heads in and out of government today should ever be salvaged in the coming elections. Our politicians stink! You have to hold your nose in the voting booth literally, to ever vote for even one of them.

  3. The U.W.P. has become a cesspool of deceit, mimicries, and decrepit characters, which explains the reason the candor of Richard Frederick caused such consternation. This latest revelation is as shameful as the practice of praying to a Naked white man as God, while asking favors of dead people in Choc Cemetery.

    How could anyone possessing any mental soundness trust Mary Isaac to boil water, after such snake-like actions? Here’s a woman who misled Lucians, lying to the Prime Minster, Chester Hinkson, and to the struggling worker, while pretending to be bargaining in good faith, but in reality was working with Allen Chastanet on how to win the next General Elections on the backs of those workers she claimed to represent. Who is Mary Isaac ? The reincarnation of Judas as a Transvestite ? Even Delila was not that wicked. Now I am convinced that people in St. Lucia can remove their skin, jump over a basin of blood, and travel from place to place instantaneously, as demonstrated by this La-ja-bles, Mary Isaac; or is that “Jean-Ga-jey”

  4. We also have the joke of a President of the Senate as a vocal SLP party hack with his own radio and tv program who spews maypuis and roro 24/7 for the past 35 years. Who also controls the political output from HTS on a daily basis. More power to him if the clueless low information St Lucian voter just lets this slide without attempting to stop this assault on decency.
    Then you all complain like hypocrites about Mary? What a joke?
    One if the reasons that st lucia is a failed state is that all institutions have been allowed to fall into disrepair or disrepute like the Presidency of the Senate and we have no moral standards to call the Govt to account .
    So put that in your pipe and smoke it when talking about Mary.

  5. Joe:

    Two wrongs a right does NOT make. You raise an undeniable fact that Claudius Francis is an international disgrace for what passes as credible democracy. I have said repeatedly that Claudius Francis is some kind of delusional and another shameless politician who saw “Hitmen” sent by Frederick to kill him behind every coconut tree, and uses the country’s airwaves to promote partisan and demented political views. In civilized countries there are laws requiring equal time be given to the other party to offer a rebuttal to such brainwashing, but Francis can spew his lunatic propaganda for Labor unchecked and be rewarded with a welfare job at the expense of the Lucian taxpayer, while Frederick’s character is assassinated. But how does the behavior of this scumbag absolve the shameful actions of Delila Mary Isaac??

  6. How can Claudius Francis be fair and balance as President of the Senate when he is a KNOWN STALWART of the SLP? So far he has broken about four ties in the senate,and on all occasions he has sided with the SLP senators (going against Senator Berthia Parle and Steven King)….yet we find a problem with Mary Issac. Hypocrites. –

  7. Alphonse et al: Like the citations to significant similar situations in neighbor isles BUT your argument still hinges on her charismatic actions during the recent battle of the budget.
    The point: Where was her EMPATHY for STLUCIA”S dire economic situation? So she chose to play the BLAME GAME that skewers political party bias and conscription.
    Recall that she refused to talk /respond on some occassions. Now that strategy reminds me of children who hold their breath turning blue so that their parents give in to their me -myself and I- demands.
    Against the backdrop of increasing global practices that are significantly paring or downsizing gov operating expenses, her “ballsy” – tough titees posture is but a brief pyrrhic victory.
    Future gov of either party will pare down costs by privatizing non secure modules in their operational expenses. Higher paid workers will be fewer and far between, automation and privatization shall gobble up the rest of the workforce pie.
    Hey Joe, lookout for Walmart style framework in the delivery of civil services in the near future. The cost savings are tremendous and do bypass the “nasties” of negotiations.
    After all, the MARKET is what the PEOPLES TAXES CAN BEAR.
    I give her a Tony nomination for wardrobe acolyte In the Micoud Professor’s play “Much A Do About Barking Up the Wrong Tree”; she wears the eye frame and thinly veiled scowl of derision with cher rico aplomb.

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