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LABOUR HAS DELIVERED – Main Theme At S.L.P. Conference

“LABOUR Has Delivered” was the central theme coming from party faithful last Sunday afternoon when the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) held the open session of its 2014 Conference of Delegates in the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School auditorium.

SLP Political Leader, Dr. Kenny Anthony
SLP Political Leader, Dr. Kenny Anthony

Hundreds of party members, supporters and delegates crammed the venue to listen to speaker after speaker echo the party’s efforts at managing the economy while coming under heavy criticism for not doing enough. However, party members seem convinced that given the challenges the government has had to face in the three years of its current term, it had done remarkably.

In his opening remarks, Party Chairman, Dr. Julian Hunte, told delegates that government had been seriously challenged by an economic environment badly in need of a jumpstart. He blamed the past United Workers Party (UWP) and the global economic recession for Labour’s uphill battle to restore prosperity. Dr.Hunte said that while Labour “continues its extraordinary efforts to stabilize and improve our economy, we must never forget that it is easier to tear down and destroy than it is to rebuild.”

“It is essential for you to understand the nature of the mandate we have been given and the global, regional and national environment in which we are seeking to implement that mandate,” Dr.Hunte said, “It is imperative, therefore, for you to defend your party from the attacks of the other side. But, seriously, we must ask ourselves at this critical stage in our national existence, ‘Dare we place our country in the hands of the disunited workers party?’ ”

Dr.Hunte added that despite coming under fire from the opposition UWP and other Saint Lucians, the SLP had managed to stabilize the economy by embarking on strategic measures aimed at development. Had it not been for Labour, he said, worse might have been the case.

“We are being compelled by circumstances – both global and national – to make these sacrifices and adjustments and we have made significant gains. Party members and supporters, were it not for the policies that this Labour Party government is now pursuing, Saint Lucia would have been in a far more calamitous situation than it is today,” Dr.Hunte said.


With general elections due in two years, Dr.Hunte called on party members to rally for the cause of Labour, adding that Labour needed to build on its six-decade-long legacy of serving Saint Lucians and Saint Lucia.

“As we commence this 64th Annual Conference, let us be proud of our 64-year history of serving the people of Saint Lucia. Let us renew our commitment to work for social justice for all. Let us make this conference another successful milestone in our mission and that is of securing Saint Lucia’s future with Labour,” Dr.Hunte said.

SLP Political Leader, Dr. Kenny Anthony, told delegates that while criticisms continue to be levelled at his government, his party had delivered on its campaign promises in many areas. He said his government has ensured that work on physical infrastructure, education, healthcare, youth and sports, agriculture, labour reform and other social programmes had been undertaken to alleviate the concerns of citizens. Next year, he said, seems ripe for progress.

“The achievements of the Saint Lucia Labour Party over the last three years bear testimony to the truism that good government works. Despite the difficult economic times, the State’s resources have touched every single sector and every single constituency in this country. Jobs have been created alongside the transformation of our communities under the Constituency Development Programme (CDP),” Dr. Anthony said.

The Prime Minister said that government was on the right track, adding that Saint Lucians need to face the task of nation-building together in order to reap the rewards. Negative growth, he said, has now decelerated and he foresees a return to positive growth in the next financial year.

Dr. Anthony also revealed that come January next year, about 7,000 Form 3 and Four 4 students will be receiving laptops from the government for use in their studies. The laptops will be made available to the government via assistance from the government of Venezuela. The Prime Minister added that the ALBA Bank will over the next two years make available a US$10 million grant to the government of Saint Lucia to finance the NICE programme.

The closed session of the SLP’s 2014 Conference of Delegates will be held this Sunday at the Grande Riviere Secondary School.

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    1. Burt of course! While sucking the lifeblood from the rest of the people, the “Big Belly” SLP delivered a stinking rotten fetus called “Better Days”.

  1. Tom-Tom:

    You never fail to display this enigmatic trait; sometimes your assessments of situations are scholastic, only to be cancelled out by your support for a cabal of nincompoops unable to deliver nothing better than an Allen Chastanet, trickster and illusionist – now you hear in English, now you’re deaf in kweyol.

    But these Lucian politicians are downright stupid; what was Hunte trying to convey to the people when he stated,

    “were it not for the policies that this Labour Party government is now pursuing, Saint Lucia would have been in a far more calamitous situation than it is today,”

    A far more calamitous situation ? Is this “friend”, openly admitting the country is in a “CALAMITOUS” situation now by suggesting it could be even worse? With friends like that, who needs enemies? This guy has been in politics since the Pleistocene glaciation, and does not think of what is implied in his speeches?

    I am beginning to come to grips that this place is doomed, with the clowns like Claudius Francis and his brothers, Allen Chastanet, and Guy Joseph practicing Black Magic to make people like yourself and Josie, who call yourselves Romans while praying to dead Caucasian people, vote to make these retarded politicians your leaders.

    Now listen to your man Guy Joseph boast of his Black Magical powers over people like you in this video, LOL:


    1. Son-of-Man, Son-of-Man, Son-of-Man; you never fail to amuse. Welcome home guy. I’m glad you finally gave up on ISIS and made it out of Syria and Iraq alive.
      Son-of-Man, if the people of St.Lucia want Chastanet as their leader, regardless of his colour or religion, who are you to tell them that he is ill-suited for the position? Why continue to quarrel and find fault with every single blogger who supports him? Son-of-Man, you are fighting a losing battle; so just give it up.
      “Sometimes your assessments of situations are scholastic, only to be cancelled out by your racist overtures.”

    2. Tom-Tom:

      Makes me wonder, just why such elation about my return from Syria and rejection of ISIL which is a CIA created entity. You should find more comfort with the knowledge I am now a ranking member of the L.R.A. following Joseph Kony in the Lord’s Resistance Army, a militant movement which is “Christianist,” operating in northern Uganda and South Sudan, its stated goals include making all Black people worship the White God, who was birthed on some unknown date but assigned the date of the Winter Solstice, December 25, as this fake God’s birthday, and will govern according to the Ten Commandments. The known for widespread human rights violations, including murder, abduction, mutilation, child-sex slavery, and forcing children to murder Africans.

      Now that I pray Holy Mary, mother of God, like the rest of you misguided Africans who believe the dead and decomposing remains at Choc Cemetery will hear your plea for help, as you continue to pray to dead people, I can more accurately state that the ghost Allen Chastanet is a profound idiot and arrogant ignoramus.

      How can an intelligent individual like yourself listen to this nincompoop Allen and not cringe ? Have you joined Peter Josie and the self-proclaimed scholar who thinks John Wayne is his hero worthy of emulating, in the “WHITE” Forum with the hope of some material crumb as a reward – a white woman as a trophy ‘Jabal’?

      I fully understand Ricky Leary’s agenda, after all, it was Kenny who exposed him as another fraudster who was best at doing pole dances in Strip Clubs wearing thongs and grinding an axe, to entertain the licentious English Sodomites, but you are a total enigma. How can you explain this public embarrassment as Chastanet tells the world that the American Civil War was fought against England? I am sure you know that a “CIVIL” war is not fought against other countries, and the one your ignorant leader referenced, had nothing to do with the Tea Act and the Boston Tea Party.

      Tom-Tom can you interpret what Allen Chastanet is teaching you about a Civil war fought against England? He should have associated more closely with the people in St. Lucia where he would have learned the meaning of ‘sakwa kooyon’. Tom-Tom please Explain this Video with Allen; Taxation without representation caused which civil war? My earpiece can’t “hear” in English, SIR, SIR, SIR, I WILL HAVE TO ASK YOU TO SPEAK KWEYOL MY EARPIECE ISN’T WORKING IN ENGLISH – CIVIL WHAT?? Me Allen, papa inyowan:


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      There is a great irony that you would ask me to discontinue what you perceive as my ” racist overtures”, at the very time a Racist System of White Supremacy has returned a “NO BILL” verdict on the murder of Eric Garner. A murder caused by the use of an illegal “weapon”, the Choke Hold, captured on video and confirmed by the Medical Examiner that the death of Eric a father of 6 children choked to death by a white N.Y.C. police Daniel Paptalleno. Yet these White Christians concluded Eric killed himself and was not killed by the Caucasian police – but of course Tom-Tom! I AM THE RACIST?

  2. Labour has delivered! Lol! St Lucia really lives in a web of lies based on ignorance.
    All over the world a well informed media and, electorate are aware of the significant impact on economies and pocket books of the recent 40% drop in oil prices.
    Here in St Lucia we do not even know why this massive decrease in world prices is not being passed onto the consumer and how much money the Kenny Anthony Administration is pocketing from this windfall to fund their wasteful management.
    Is the government pocketing $25 million annually or $ 50 million or $100 million or $150 Million?
    Kenny Anthony who has no clue of economics and who thinks taxes and borrowing is wealth is making sure that the drop in oil prices is reflected in available citizens money to squander in his profligate and useless government.
    What makes this most hypocritical is that these are the same people with their crocodile tears who lambasted the UWP Administration for their taxation policy on oil!
    Kenny Anthony is now animated and aggressive because he equates increased oil tax revenue with wealth and now pronounces that St Lucia is on the way to prosperity. What ignorance and delusional self confidence!
    But where is the UWP! Why are they not crunching numbers and informing the people about the scale of the government’s sleigh of hand?Do not they realise that the longer this continues the more the government covers up their incompetence?

    Plus the money going to government is not even a mandated tax. The moneynow being extracted from the people is the windfall from the difference between the world price of oil then and now that ought to be going back to the people paying through the nose for transportation!
    If the price of oil went UP it automatically would have resulted in increase price and hardship for the car owner and transport drivers. Why when it has gone down drastically are we not feeling the benefits
    Kenny and Tony and Alva now bask in this travesty and as usual this lying government with olds vital information from the people!

    Wake up Chastanet and get on the case!

  3. Chastanet made a good point the other day about the usual liberal tactic of withholding information so the people operate in ignorance. I go further to say and satiated by rum sex cell phones and the circus on the internet.

    So why is his team not doing in depth analysis to inform the people.

    Give us the info on the oil price decrease. How much of a windfall is the government NOT passing on to the people?

    What really is the unemployment situation?
    How many people are also just subsisting on below survival wages?
    Give us a monthly update on which government mimister is travelling where and what it is costing us.
    What are the hambassadors doing in NY and London . we hear nothing from them and they cost us millions annually!

  4. Burt of course! While sucking the lifeblood from the rest of the people, the “Big Belly” SLP delivered a stinking rotten fetus called “Better Days”.

  5. @Son-of-Man
    “…people like yourself and Josie, who call yourselves Romans while praying to dead Caucasian people….”

    “…Black people worship the White God, who was birthed on some unknown date but assigned the date of the Winter Solstice, December 25, as this fake God’s birthday….”

    “Yet these White Christians concluded Eric killed himself and was not killed by the Caucasian police….”
    All in one day; and if I were to go back further, I probably would find a thousand similar quotes; then you have the nerves to ask: “I AM THE RACIST?” I don’t know. What do you think?

    When you were a Christian, it was all good; but once you decided to join the religion of a man who had sex with 11 year old Aisha, and took a dozen wives unto himself, Christianity and whites folks have all of a sudden become the enemy.

  6. The honourable PM has delivered misery.

    He exudes MIStrust. Is a fake and a flake.

    I expect a low voter turnout next election.

    There is no need to vote in Saint Lucia.

    It is a straight choice between choosing between the names of real scamps placed on the ballot papers.

    Either way, the country will lose unless a third party or voted in independents can shake the country out of its malaise.

    The writers in the media are all lined up on one side or the other, and cannot objectively debate a positive future for this country anymore. They all lack credibility.

    Therefore, the political lackeys and yardfowls have only to fear that those in the opposite camp will turn up in larger numbers to vote in the broomsticks of the opposing party into parliament. There you have it. Better days.

  7. Here’s something that concerns me and the fallout that this might have on the relations with St. Lucia and the Caribbean States:

    US President Barack Obama has signed into law legislation allowing sanctions on Venezuelan government officials over allegations of involvement in a crackdown on anti-government protesters.

    The bill authorizes sanctions that would freeze the assets and ban the visas of any official accused of carrying out acts of violence or violating the human rights of anti-government protesters in Venezuela.

    On monday, thousands of Venezuelan government supporters rallied against the bill as it moved through the US Congress. Chanting anti-US slogans, the protesters carried placards reading “Respect Venezuela.”

    Addressing the demonstrators, President Nicolas Maduro lashed out at the US for imposing the sanctions on Venezuelan officials.

    Maduro said that he has asked the country’s parliament to create a human rights tribunal to charge “imperialist leaders” with war crimes committed against “sister nations.”

    Also last summer, the US State Department placed a travel ban on the Venezuelan officials accused of a crackdown on anti-government protesters.

    Venezuela has witnessed demonstrations against and in support of the administration of Maduro since February.

    The protests have lost momentum since April 7, when the government and opposition leaders held talks for the first time to end tensions.

    The opposition has blamed the Maduro administration for the high crime rate and economic hardships, claiming that his policies have led to a shortage of essential goods and high inflation.

    Maduro says the United States is backing the opposition to launch a coup d’état in the South American country.

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