4 Schools To Get BEEP Upgrade

THE Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and Labour has announced the start of construction and restoration work at four schools under the Basic Education Enhancement Project (BEEP).financed by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). The schools are: Corinth Secondary, Clendon Mason Memorial, Vieux Fort Infant and Fond Assau Combined.

The Corinth Secondary School
The Corinth Secondary School

The proposed development for Corinth Secondary includes, in the first phase, two new two-storey blocks to replace the current demolished timber building, five standard-sized classrooms, a storeroom, an office and working space for a guidance counsellor, as well as modern restroom facilities. Provision is also made for a covered multi-purpose space for the school’s general assembly and other large gatherings.

The second phase will include the construction of a physics lab, an arts and craft room and a music room. There will also be a reconfiguration of the school’s existing sewerage and drainage systems.

Construction work at the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School, Dennery includes the construction of a three-storey classroom block that will include eight standard-sized classrooms with grano-floor finishing, painted walls and ceiling, as well as modern toilet facilities. The school will also receive specialized labs equipped with modern fixtures, as well as designated spaces for Agricultural Science, Home Economics, Biology, Integrated Science, administrative staff offices, and an office for the guidance counsellor and a counselling room. There will also be a staff common area and restroom facilities.

The scope of work for the Vieux Fort Infant School entails the refurbishment of corroded steel frames of the main classroom block, the replacement of louvre assemblies, construction of suspended ceilings and the installation of canopies, repairs to the roof and upgrades of the building’s electrical system, washroom facilities and computer lab. There will also be new staff washrooms at the ground floor level.

There will be a complete demolition of the existing student washroom facilities and existing timber buildings at the Fond Assau Combined school, upon the commissioning of a temporary facility. The Construction of a six-classroom block extension equipped with modern washroom facilities and an open breezeway that can be utilized as a covered assembly area is also expected, along with the rehabilitation of existing drainage and sewage systems, grounds and fencing.

Rehabilitation of the Canaries Infant School will commence soon, under separate financing arrangements.

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