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Who will let the dogs out?

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

I sometimes wonder if people’s responsibilities change with the times. What I used to know as ‘laws’ and ‘rules’ growing-up seem nonexistent these days. Same with the many guidelines that should be in place that seem not to be deemed necessary anymore.

Take, for instance, driving to the northern part of the island, from the roundabout to Gros Islet, especially by the Marina, where there are supposed to be several speed bumps on that stretch of road, but it it’s only when you reach them you become aware because they’re not painted to alert you.

Am I to assume that there is never enough money to paint them and ensure that at least the driving public is aware, especially foreigners?

In the City of Castries, is jay walking the accepted norm, or are pedestrian crossings still valid? And if yes, don’t you think we need many more, because every street has crossings not identified, or not seen as a common walk way.

I reckon that there are businesses of varying kinds, but is it lawful or unlawful to have opening and closing times, or is it that persons owning the businesses decide what time they choose to open or close?

The role of the police is to protect and serve, and especially be observant and vigilant, but if every policeman or woman is usually on their cell phones while on duty, or not on the beat at certain times and certain places, how effective can they be?

When laws and rules of engagement are put in place, how comes there is so much infringement? Can or should sidewalks be dominated by vendors or walking persons? People need some walking spaces that are safe and not be forced to walk in the street with the volume of vehicles that are usually up and down.

Knowing there are wheelchair users, both locals and visitors, why don’t we see building of sidewalks or business enterprises catering for them; and even when parking at supermarkets are mapped out for them, they are still violated.

Have we become a ‘do as you please society’, or are lawmakers too busy to see or notice the Do’s and the Don’ts, or just maybe it is all about making the money to also pay if charged, or if a situation arises? Who is monitoring and who determines right from wrong, or is everybody a boss in their own right, or is it a system collapse?

I further ask if all driving laws are discontinued, after you own a vehicle, even keeping it at the roadsides regardless if it is working or not?

Do we ever see the hazards and implications of not having structure, or is it that everyone demands pay, but is not obliged to get the work done?

I may sound old fashioned, but to me that absence of authoritative leadership is highly responsible for the breakdown in law and order.

Have we reached a stage when it matters not what the law says? In other words, who will guard the guards, or is it that the will for change is nonexistent?

How can we go forward, who will set the examples, what or where are the guidelines to follow, and how will the young generation know what path to follow?

Is discipline forgotten or is it a past-tense affair? Now that everything is legal to use anywhere, anytime and non-users or those who choose to abstain, do they have any complaining rights, or can they object to this modern-day behavior?

If there is no going to church, no parental, and no societal guidance, can you hazard a guess what the end result will be? Must we reach crisis stage before we assess the outcome? Can we not nip some of these habits and attitudes at the budding stages?

I question who will let the dogs out, who left the cat out of the bag, who dropped the ball, and who have the gonads to correct the many slipups.

Do we pay attention to what happens elsewhere, do we need a dictatorship to comply, is rational thinking not in the equation, and with no Captain, who will guide the ship, unless everything is on autopilot?

Then there is the absence of warnings, as nobody talks about the consequences, the likely outcomes or the situation not only here but world-wide.

Should we at least be alerted or be forewarned? If nobody cares, then so be it.

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