Vendor members of cooperatives receive income support cheques


The Ministry of Commerce through the Department of Cooperatives hosted an Income Support Cheque Handover Ceremony yesterday where over eighty cheques were presented to four  Cooperative Societies on behalf of their vendor members.

“These members were severely disadvantaged by the COVID-19 pandemic which interrupted their means of generating household incomes,” the Ministry noted in a statement

Approximately 89 vendors from a pool of 104 applicants were approved for support.

“Each will receive a one-time payment of $1,500.00 under the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment’s Income Support Program. This collaboration between the Department of Cooperatives, the wider Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Equity was instrumental in facilitating three decentralized access points to provide the much-needed support facilities that ensured a relatively seamless application process,” the Ministry stated.

Worldwide, the Ministry added, cooperative enterprises are re-emerging as vehicles for poverty reduction, diversity, equity and inclusion;

“The Ministry of Commerce therefore commends our local cooperative societies’ aim to improve and strengthen the collaboration and coordination of efforts amongst stakeholders, while espousing the seventh Cooperative Principle of ‘Concern for Community’.”

Furthermore, the Ministry added, “this milestone is particularly significant and we trust that it sets precedence for continued coordination and collaboration of efforts aimed at achieving national deliverables.”

The handover ceremony was held at the Finance Administrative Centre in Pointe Seraphine.

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