UWP Women’s Arm Denounces Government Minister’s “Attack” on Women

The Women’s Arm of the United Workers Party (UWP) has unequivocally condemned what it perceives as misogynistic behaviour from Government Minister Richard Frederick.

According to a statement from the UWP, the minister’s repeated use of derogatory and demeaning language on his talk show, ‘Can I Help You’, is a blatant affront to the dignity of women and an egregious abuse of his platform and power.

The release stated that “Minister Frederick targeted former government minister Fortuna Belrose, making derogatory comments about her lack of hair—a deeply personal attribute that should never be subjected to ridicule. Such language is not only offensive but also reinforces damaging stereotypes and devalues the significant contributions of women in our society.

“In another deplorable act, Richard Frederick, the Minister responsible for vendor affairs, used his show to once again attack a known longtime vendor Ursula Fannis, also known as Joyclyne Fannis. Rather than addressing her concerns through proper official channels, he chose to humiliate her publicly, divulging sensitive and confidential information about her financial obligations in a most unethical manner.”

The UWP’s Women’s Arm states that it supports the principles of decency, and the enshrined rights of equality and justice: “We stand in solidarity with Mrs. Belrose, Ms. Fannis, and all the other women who have been subjected to such vile attacks. We demand that Minister Frederick resign from his Ministerial post immediately in order to prevent further occurrences of the abusive behavior.”

The release continues, “His actions cannot be overlooked or dismissed as merely controversial— they are harmful and perpetuate misogyny. As advocates for the rights and empowerment of women, the Women’s Arm is resolute in its pursuit of a society where every individual is respected and valued equally.

“We urge all members of the community and relevant authorities to stand with us in condemning these actions and to work together to eradicate this type of abuse from our public office.”


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