Two roundabouts to be constructed along Sir Julian Hunte Highway

The Department of Infrastructure has begun construction work on two mini roundabouts set to be constructed along the Sir Julian Hunte Highway.

Deputy Chief Engineer at the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Transport, Len Leon, explained that the government has, over the years, engaged stakeholders on the implementation of soft measures to aid with the flow of traffic along the Sir Julian Hunte Highway.

As a result, provisions were made to fund proposed actions.

A mini roundabout will be located near the S&S Plaza

“The Government of Saint Lucia made provisions in this year’s fiscal budget to tackle at least two of these soft measures in the vicinity of Bois d’Orange, particularly at the junction leading to the S&S Plaza, and at the junction leading to Computer World.

“The first will be at the entrance to the S&S Plaza, where, after considering various options, we have decided on a mini roundabout concept in order to manage the traffic flow that egresses and ingresses from the S&S Plaza. Work is anticipated to take three weeks to complete.

“The contractor is engaged and is currently reviewing traffic management in order to ensure a smooth operation and cause the least disruption to the motoring public,” a press release on the government’s website stated.
Works on the project began on March 25, 2024, however, the project has received mixed reviews thus far with many Saint Lucians complaining about its location, design and alleged ‘poor planning’.

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