Ongoing Projects in Gros Islet Constituency Generating Economic Spinoffs, Says Casimir

By Reginald Andrew

The Gros Islet community is abuzz with activity with several work projects being undertaken– and the parliamentary representative for the constituency Kenson Casimir is pleased with the prospects of residents acquiring socio-economic benefits.

Currently, there are 15 ongoing projects within the Gros Islet constituency, Casimir disclosed. Four of these are major projects including renovations to the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground (DSCG) and other infrastructural works that include the construction of a National Aquatic Centre and Gros Islet recreational area.

The works also involve transforming the Gros Islet Playing Field into a mini-stadium.

“We have a lot of young people employed at these work sites,” Casimir told reporters at a media briefing this week.

However, he said, some people were oblivious to the fact that the workers were not primarily from the Gros Islet town, but rather involves residents from surrounding communities.

The infrastructural works extends to road repairs, and Casimir assured that “more roads will be developed as we head towards the ICC World Cup.”

On the issue pertaining to the socio-economic impact, he said business owners are aware of the investments that government is putting into these projects. The minister said there were also several social programmes taking place, including the Music Programme and an After-School Programme in Grand Riviere.

“We are about to launch a ‘Dress for Success’ programme in the community of Gros Islet for constituents who have difficulty getting clothing to attend an interview or to go to work,” he explained.

“As a constituency we have a lot going on in Gros Islet … and I’m proud of the work that we are putting in that constituency,” declared Casimir.

Meanwhile, Casimir also commented on the need to protect sporting facilities and public facilities within the community.

In recent times, public facilities in the Gros Islet community have been vandalized and tampered with by thugs.

For instance, a couple years ago, thieves broke into the Gros Islet Public Library and made off with some computers. It was also reported that the bandits returned to the facility and stole items from the refrigerator that included refreshments for the children that use the library after school, to conduct research, homework assignments and get information to complete their class projects.

“Every individual has a responsibility to ensure that they take care of our facilities … sports (facilities) are for sportsmen and sportswomen,” Casimir declared.

There has been an age-long debate regarding the use of sports facilities in the country, to accommodate activities other than sporting events due to the ‘wear and tear’ that these events are likely to cause to sporting surfaces.

“I feel we can invest in having facilities for social events …in our country,” the sports minister added. “My fear has always been that when you allow people on the surface, you have irresponsible people …all throughout the country. But if you do not take pride in the facility, there will always be a situation where it will be destroyed.”

Casimir reiterated his concerns for preserving the island’s sports facilities noting that “we need to continue the national discourse, we need to find alternative venues …and we need to continue to move sports in the right direction in this country.”

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