National Carnival Queen Contestants Revealed

Just as fascinating as the carnival revellery, the annual Carnival Queen Pageant also plays an integral role in the presentations put out on display.

And in its 70th anniversary year, the organisers have selected a group of seven young ladies to compete for the title which is scheduled for June, 29.

In an innovative trendy fashion, Chair of the National Carnival Queen Committee Trevor King called the respective contestants from the stage at Thursday’s media launch to convey the message. The process was relayed live via video for the public to view.

Aeryn George
Anneka Thompson
Menella Sebaram
Kadin Mejhan Antoine
Shan Lucien
Tunisia President
Yaneil Joseph

The young ladies were pleasantly surprised and tried hard to hold back their emotions while expressing joy and delight for an opportunity to participate in the national pageant.

The list of contestants chosen is as follows; Shan Lucien, Yaneil Joseph, Tunisia President, Aeryn George, Kadin Mejhan Antoine Anneka Thompson and Menella Sebaram.

“This year, marks 70 years of glitz, glamour, grace, poise and elegance.70 years of the staging of a National Carnival Queen Pageant,” said King.

“The journey to the crown is always filled with fun, excitement and surprises,” he added.

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