Mediators Forum to Host Annual General Meeting Today

The Mediation Forum (Saint Lucia) Inc. will hold its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) today (Wednesday, April 10th). The event is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Orchid Gardens in Union.

At the AGM, members of the Forum will elect the Management Committee (the Committee is expected to administer the organization’s business), and at that time, the following positions will be contested: a) President, b) Vice President, c) Secretary, d) Assistant Secretary and Treasurer.

Persons elected to these positions and the Company’s directors will constitute the Management Committee.

“Ms. Marva Daniel, who has significant experience in Saint Lucia’s general elections will conduct the elections,” the Forum said in a press release.

The Mediation Forum has many objectives. At the organization’s launch at the end of January, the Forum portended its intention to work within the community to foster justice for all. The theme for that launch was ‘Empowering communities through mediation’.

The Forum’s objectives include: a) To be a neutral and independent body to represent and promote mediation as an alternative to litigation and thereby to further law reform and access to justice for the general public, and b) To prescribe and maintain a set of professional practice and training standards common to all the members.

According to the release, at the AGM “members will also decide on whether to adopt the Company’s draft-by-law. That draft was prepared primarily by Mr. Ramòn Raveneau – a prominent Saint Lucian Attorney. It should be noted that many attorneys are also mediators.”

The Forum takes the opportunity to thank the many persons who contribute to its existence. The public can look forward to various Forum-organized activities that will be aimed at helping individuals better resolve their disputes. Questions related to mediation may be sent to: [email protected]

Only members are invited to attend the meeting.

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