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Has the traffic nightmare raised alarm bells?

By James Stanislaus

We are pleased to see that government has remained cost conscious in implementing one mini roundabout. This indicates that some thought is now being given to the traffic situation.

Let us share our thoughts into the mini roundabout adjacent to S & S. Would it not have been more effective if the engineers would have made all traffic exiting S & S take an immediate left turn by utilizing the 15ft wide strip running parallel to S & S and join a more respectable roundabout at the exit of Rasco and Home Depot where the area is three times greater than where the mini roundabout is placed? This way the effects of a roundabout would have been truly effective.

Mini roundabouts are very effective in small villages but the level of traffic on the SJH Highway is actually quite heavy especially at peak times. We do wish the government well in their first effort but a mini roundabout at Computer World is questionable. The area of land at that location is reasonable and a more appropriate roundabout would be more effective. The frightening part of a mini roundabout at that location remains uncontrollable based on the present volume and if not properly calibrated, the accident rate could increase and make matters worse than they are today as we observed drivers going over the circle patch rather than following the direction around the circle. We are all too aware of the time lost when an accident takes place on the SJH Highway so hopefully we are not creating a new nightmare for ourselves.

We understand the politics in not completing the four-lane highway commenced by the former administration, but after three years in office the powers that be must realize that they are merely cutting their nose to spite their face as the mounting frustration by homeowners and commuters can only create further animosity against a party which was overwhelmingly put in office. Additionally, one roundabout serving Rodney Bay Village is virtually completed bar some superficial works and there is no need not to complete same.


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