George Odlum National Stadium up for Major Upgrade


A major upgrade is planned for the George Odlum National Stadium (GONS) in Vieux-Fort.

According to government sources, the stadium has been earmarked for a transformational rehabilitation process under the Philip J. Pierre-led administration.

A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) states that, “for too long, our athletes have been disadvantaged and deprived of the full use of the GONS.”

The release adds, “In 2023, the Prime Minister took deliberate action to initiate the long-delayed rehabilitation works on the GONS. He successfully negotiated a USD $75 million loan from the Saudi Fund for Development.

“The loan will finance construction and rehabilitation works on the St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project (SJHRP) and the GONS.”

Notably, during PM Pierre’s presentation of the 2024/25 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure on March 26, he outlined the concrete action the government will take to restore the GONS and “return it to our athletes and footballers.”

Preparatory work on the GONS is expected to commence in the 2024/25 fiscal year. The Prime Minister has committed $2.5 million from the 2024/25 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for stadium design, supervision services and site preparation work.

commencement of preparatory works on the GONS is contingent on the relocation of the operations of the St. Jude Hospital to its original site in Augier, Vieux-Fort.

The Prime Minister is cognizant of the importance of managing state assets like the GONS prudently and efficiently.

Subsequently, the government will draw from the Saudi Fund for Development loan to commence construction phases on the GONS upon completion of the relevant preparatory works and after securing the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities.

The release adds, the public can rest assured that “our athletes can look forward to benefitting from the use of a fully restored and first-class sporting facility. Under the Prime Minister’s leadership, Saint Lucia will regain the capacity to host regional and international sporting competitions in the GONS.”

It further sates that PM Pierre leads a Cabinet of Ministers and heads a government that continues to demonstrate its commitment to youth and sports development in Saint Lucia.

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