FRC – Call for Jounen Kwéyòl Host Communities

The Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre (FRC) is requesting community representatives and community organisations interested in hosting Jounen Kwéyòl and Mwa Ewitaj Kwéyòl 2024 (Creole Heritage Month) activities to send in their community’s name along with a proposal.

The proposal is to include the following pointers:
List of proposed events, with dates and venues, budget for all activities, Site Plan for Jounen Kweyòl Day 2024, and the rationale for wanting to be a host community.
The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 24th; Jounen Kwéyòl 2024 will be celebrated in St Lucia on Sunday 27th October.

Jounen Kweyòl aims to make the Saint Lucian Society aware of the strength and value of the Kweyòl language and to assist in the understanding and development of its rich cultural resources.

In this context, stakeholders note that Jounen Kweyòl:
– Helps communities discover collectively and share in their rich cultural heritage.
– Brings communities together irrespective of colour, creed, class, or partisan affiliation, to address issues of culture and community development.
– Mobilises communities to collectively utilize cultural resources for economic development in an environment free from selfishness and greed.
– Utilises both the traditional wisdom of communities and the learning from formal institutions to stimulate a positive and wholesome educational experience.
– Develops the confidence of the vast number of Saint Lucian persons, whose principal means of communication and expression is in the use of the Kwéyòl language.
The General Obligations of the Host Community are as follows:
– Host at least one community specific activity per week during Creole Heritage Month
– Raise funds to supplement the subvention provided by government to fund all planned activities
– Have a detailed Programme for Jounen Kweyol (including a headline event, focusing on traditional music, or modern interpretations of traditional music and traditional practices)
– Have a specialised Programme/section for children as part of Jounen Kweyol activities

In addition, the Host Community is expected to fulfill these general obligations:
– Field a contestant in the National La Wenn Kweyòl Pageant
– Host an indoor exhibition of traditional technology and other items depicting the life of the ancestors of modern-day Saint Lucians
– Utilise traditional materials and techniques, wherever feasible, in setting up exhibitions and stalls, for example, use of bamboo and traditional thatched housing
– Host a Kweyòl Church Service during the month of October (Readings and songs should be in Kweyol)
– Special Cultural focus: Feature a prominent community personality- Someone who has contributed to cultural and community development. This individual should be honoured at an event held during the month preferably at the Kweyol church service.
– Adhere to Mass Crowd Events Guidelines stipulated by the Government of Saint Lucia (go to: mass-crowd-event

The Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre (FRC) was established for the advancement and preservation of Saint Lucian culture and heritage. Mwa Ewitaj Kweyòl is one of the major national cultural festivals created by the FRC through the inception of Jounen Kweyòl.

Jounen Kweyòl is celebrated in Saint Lucia on the Sunday nearest to the international observance of World Creole Day, October 28th. It is the climax of a month’s long celebration of varied aspects of Kweyòl culture, which includes the Kweyòl language, traditional practices, food and drink, and technology among other areas.

The first celebration of Jounen Kweyòl took place in 1983 through radio programming. The first community-based celebration of Jounen Kweyòl occurred in Mon Repos, Micoud in 1984.

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