Dry Season Impacts Southern Water Supply

WASCO Releases Statement

As the dry season progresses, there is an increased probability for the occurrence of drier than normal conditions, which severely affects The Water and Sewerage Company Inc.’s ability to abstract and distribute water, particularly to the south of the island. Although it has not been a season devoid of rainfall, the net water supply has been severely impacted due in part to above average temperatures associated with the effects of climate change.

The reduced levels on our southern system has called for WASCO to employ relief strategies to aid consumers who have been experiencing prolonged water shortages. As part of the company’s water scarcity management plan, a water rationing schedule has been initiated. This valving activity includes a temporary suspension of service to specific communities to ensure that critically limited water supplies are distributed as evenly as possible to preserve public health and safety.

The following systems will experience interruptions during the southern valving exercise: Desruisseaux, Belle Vue, Toucousson, Upper Saltibus and Lower Saltibus. Valving has commenced to the affected communities and will remain in effect until water levels increase on the system.

WASCO emphasizes the need for individual action in reducing water waste and urges consumers to curb their consumption by employing water saving measures where possible.

To connect with WASCO’s southern support team, please contact 457-3984 or send WhatsApp messages to 482-0051.

WASCO apologizes for the inconvenience caused and thanks its customers for their patience and understanding.

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