Community After School Programme Opens Its Doors to Parents

A series of Open-Day events in communities around the island has gotten underway.

Spearheaded by the Community Development Unit of the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment, the latest Open-Day event was held recently in Blanchard.

Ordula Linor, Social Transformation Officer for Micoud spoke on the importance of this initiative, which allows parents to interact with staff while observing the participation of children in different activities.

“Our programme not only supports academic growth but also fosters social and emotional development through interactive and engaging activities. At the event, parents have the opportunity to explore the diverse range of activities and resources available to their children. From educational workshops to creative arts and physical activities, we offer a holistic approach to after-school care,” she explained.

At the Open Day event, children enthusiastically showcased their tie-dyed T-shirt projects, highlighting their artistic skills and creativity. This vibrant display not only provided a delightful experience but also promoted creativity, skill development and cultural appreciation.

“I think it is a positive thing for the children to express themselves and interact positively with each other. I also hope that the children will go out and put into practice the skills they learn at CASP,” noted facilitator Vernessa Neptune.

As parent Valorie Reynolds reflected on her experience at the CASP Open Day event, her words encapsulated the sentiments shared by many: “We have children who aren’t getting much attention at home and love to play, but they find a good balance in the community after-school programme. It’s really positive.”

By promoting a nurturing environment for children during after-school hours, fostering holistic development through educational and recreational activities, the Ministry of Equity continues to play its part in providing a supportive environment for children on the island.

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