Winners TV Receives Special Recognition at OECS Council of Ministers Meeting

By Reginald Andrew

WINNERSTV received special recognition at the inaugural OECS Council of Ministers: Youth and Sports Forum that was held here recently.

Chief Executive Officer of Winners TV Brain Bartlette was singled out for the inclusive sports productions put out with his crew. The island’s major sports channel is widely known locally and in the sub-region for its compact and colourful presentations, commentaries and reports.

The two-day conference, held at the Harbor Club, last week drew participation from ministerial representatives from the sub-region. While hosting the event, Sports Minister Kenson Casimir was selected as the Chair of the OECS Council for Youth and Sports minsters.

Addressing the gathering, at the opening session OECS Director General Dr. Didacus Jules commented on the issue of Sports development and journalism in the Caribbean.

“The popularization of sports is essential. Sports requires audience, and audience needs a communications infrastructure as the vehicle to carry the excitement to our homes, our watering holes, our lazy couches,” he said. “And this is why we will be pushing for support for an indigenous OECS-dedicated Sports Channel that will showcase and inspire our own.”

The OECS official declared that the region’s people should not continue to digest foreign television and social media “why neglecting our own.”
Added Dr. Jules: “Brian Barlette of Winners TV, who has taken the brave entrepreneurial step in ‘putting his money where his mouth is’ will be given an opportunity to present to the ministers in this meeting.”

Commenting on this latest development, Barlette noted: “OECS sport has reached an important tipping point. Just a few weekends ago, the world was mesmerized by the crowning of not one, but of two OECS nationals, as World Champions! Saint Lucia’s Julien Alfred in the women’s 60 m and Dominica’s Thea Lafond in the women’s triple jump.”

Bartlette said he is pleased with the presentation made at last week’s meeting.

“The referendum, which was unanimously approved by the OECS Ministers of Sport, positions Winners TV as the OECS Sport Platform, central to the growth of sport in our region,” he declared.

Bartlette noted, “A unified approach behind our own proven sports television platform, Winners TV, which will blanket the OECS with relevant, timely and uplifting 24/7 sports coverage, will provide us with a bold alternative that allows us to challenge the prevailing viewpoint with a distinct outlook that puts our sporting culture front and center.”

He added: “This approach will augur well for easy adoption by sportsmen, sportswomen, fans and casual viewers across the OECS, as Winners TV will provide a place where the we can celebrate effort and success, while introducing new people to sports, and setting new standards for performance.”
The sports channel executive continued, “We view Winners Sports Network as an important mechanism to reestablish the connectivity and shared experiences that previously existed in our once vibrant, shared OECS sporting culture.

“In years gone by, this competitive rivalry in sport, strengthened the familial ties amongst our people and generated travel and friendships which still survive today.”

Bartlette asserted: “With the significant increase in travel costs across the region, Winners TV, as the home for OECS sports, can ensure that the bonds of our people continue to grow through our sporting rivalry. We expect Winners TV will be a significant contributor to the development of the OECS region.”

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