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We create many of the problems we cry over!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

Based on the street hustle and the hundreds, even thousands, all looking for work of any kind regardless of what type, these days, it’s all about having a means of getting by.

Some think it’s about doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, some couldn’t care-less about how it comes as long as it does, as everybody has needs in one way or another.

Today it’s all about getting, because without finding some means, you are left with nothing; and without having enough of something, bills, and needs and wants cannot be met or dealt with.

The problem is finding a means and the availability of that means, as you need to ask yourself a few questions like, whether are you capable, do you have the skillset, do you have the right temperament or discipline, the necessary ability, or the connections, because in most cases, it’s who knows you, or who is prepared to give you that break or opportunity, and if you can endure the time that it takes to accomplish your goals. That’s how it is because some choose to work just for a few days, just to get a salary, but not necessarily to earn it by working for it.

As we grow up, some of us neglect responsibility, especially if our parents are the ones taking care of all the bills, ensuring that you are fed, clothed and have a comfortable shelter and basically giving you the chance to live your choice of life. But time has a way of catching-up with you and as you grow older or become more elderly and some of the supportive links you had become accustomed to are no more, you then have to swim with the tide, or drown.

Despite the many that think that the Government or the Society and their Parents or loved ones are responsible for their welfare, the time will come when you never will be seen to have enough.All the things you want or need will become a nightmare.

In today’s world, it’s all about having, be it gadgets or food to feed yourself or your family. Access to the basic amenities such as water, electricity and especially connectivity to the internet, comes at a cost and does not fall from the sky like manner from Heaven.

Nobody wants to be deprived, nobody wants to live in poverty, far less have medical issues or disability.

Life demands plenty to adjust. First-class living is a task. Reality hits you when you are left to fend for yourself. This means you have to get up and find, or suffer the consequences of not having.

Many young mothers are learning the hard way that bringing up children in this world, especially without a father’s support, can be daunting.

As parents die, or become unable to offer the usual support, it becomes a real case for you if you can’t help yourself. Crapo will definitely smoke you pipe.

Some try migration, some try scheming, others try stealing, or what we refer to as ‘dirty work’ and most will try any means to meet their objectives or wants, even criminality. Nobody is spared, the cost of living or the cost to live is real, and getting tougher. In most cases, you have to deal with life head-on, and that reality becomes your new nightmare.

In that mix, some are patient, some use crooked means, some exploit, extort, maximise profits, offer pass faulty or bad workmanship, all in their profiting interest.

Street venders want buyers, but feel they ought not to pay for the street corner they acquire, some evade rents, some encroach on the sidewalks, with no sensitivity, to the space left on sidewalks for the same shoppers they want to attract.

Daily stealing is becoming rampant, and the dog-eat-dog lifestyle becomes the order of the day. It has become one of only the fittest surviving and Choo Mack for the balance, or who is left behind. Many people have become selfish, uncaring, insensitive and crude, to name a few attributes.

You can’t trust all who sell, as some may cut corners to try to get a sale, but care little about the hygienic standards, or quality. Good service is never guaranteed and standards are seldom seen as part of the equation.

Times are tough, I agree, but if there is no fairness then life will remain a crisis. We must have empathy, become sensitive and offer fair prices for our goods or services. All businesses should be about profit, but price gouging, or knowingly selling inferior goods ought not to be the order of the day.

Believe it or not, most of us are hurting ourselves, and when we cry about hard or ‘tuff’ times, we are basically part of the problem.

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