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The consequences of lawless behaviour

By James Stanislaus

Lawlessness by any stretch of imagination is unacceptable but in St Lucia today, we have allowed this curse to dominate many parts of our society.  In the last five years, there has been a marked increased of road accidents and unfortunately, the situation is growing worse.  These additional accidents have been brought about by law breakers, unlicensed drivers and uninsured vehicles not excluding excessive speeding on our roadways.

All this lawlessness places a major burden on the fire service division and at our health institutions.  At what stage the current administration is expected to step in and address this madness.  The Traffic Department is fully aware of this madness and at what point can we witness more traffic officers on our roads to at least send a message to the offenders?

On a parting note, we wish to bring to the attention of the Prime Minister the monstrosity erected in the heart of the city by the Ministry of Housing.  It is awful enough to live with a number of shacks placed throughout the city but extending this lawless behaviour in the eyes of our visitors is most unbecoming.

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