SLNT on damage to artefacts

The Saint Lucia National Trust wishes to express its extreme concern regarding recent reports of damage, destruction and removal of historic artefacts from buildings at various historic sites island-wide with the latest being at River Doree in Choiseul. These activities cannot be condoned.

All such assets, whether on private or public properties, are part of the unique historic heritage of Saint Lucia. As such, they must be protected, and wherever possible conserved in-situ to preserve their historical integrity and their associated community and national legacy. With the rise of interest in heritage tourism worldwide and the concurrent development of community tourism in Saint Lucia, it is even more important to protect these assets to enable local communities to benefit socially and economically from their own local tangible heritage.

The Trust urges anyone with information on the removal or damage to historic objects and structures to contact the Trust via [email protected], or telephone: 452-5005. The River Doree Revival Group may also be contacted in this regard.

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