PM Pierre Declares 2024-2025 Fiscal Year: Year of Infrastructure

IN what can be said to be a bold move to shape the future of Saint Lucia, Prime Minister Philip J Pierre has declared the upcoming fiscal year as the “Year of Infrastructure.”

This initiative aims to propel the nation forward through comprehensive infrastructural development across physical, social, and digital domains.

It is understood that the central objective of the “Year of Infrastructure” is to transform the economy by investing in critical infrastructure. These investments will enhance connectivity, improve public services and foster sustainable growth.

Pierre, Wednesday evening, during his delivery of the 2024/2025 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure focused on 30 projects his administration intends dealing with in the new fiscal year. They are as follows:
1. Road Expansion and Repair Programmes
2. School Plant Rehabilitation
3. Government Plant Refurbishment
4. St. Jude Hospital Construction Works
5. Soufriere Hospital Commencement
6. Castries Urban Polyclinic
7. La Ressource Wellness Center Completion
8. Sporting Facilities Revival
9. National Aquatic Center
10. Housing Development in Roseau, Cas-en-Bas, and Choc
11. Energy Project Expansion
12. Laborie Market Revival
13. Rudy John Beach Park Rehabilitation
14. Grand Riviere Community Centre
15. Cul De Sac Community Center
16. Community Centers for Castries North and Castries East
17. Northern Police Headquarters and Auditorium
18. Custody Suites Completion
19. Control Tower Completion at HIA
20. Terminal Building Commencement at HIA
21. Private-Public Sector Construction at Port Castries and Soufriere
22. Canaries Market Revitalization
23. Canaries Market
24. Micoud Jetty
25. Community Tourism Projects
26. Repairs to Fishing Complexes
27. Vieux Fort Entertainment Centre
28. Halls of Justice
29. Digital Infrastructural Enhancement
30. Investments in upgrading government services to online platforms

Government, PM Pierre said, will seek to strengthen the resilience of “our Fire Service, expand food security programmes, continue to support our youth and small and -medium-sized enterprises, and leveraging the opportunities the Blue Economy presents.”

He said there will be something for everyone in this Budget.

“As we improve our infrastructure, citizens can look forward to better roads, safer school plants, housing opportunities, and increased support for the poor and vulnerable members of our society. We intend to continue to expand our digital infrastructure by completing key projects that will improve the delivery of government services to the public and reduce the cost of doing business,” Pierre said, adding that during this fiscal year, investment from the private sector is expected to be robust particularly in the tourism industry.

He intends to speak more on these and other initiatives during his policy statement next month.

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