PCD Boosts Ministry of Health Healthcare Efforts

PCD boosts Ministry of Health healthcare efforts.

Peter and Company Distribution (PCD), the leading pharmaceutical distributor in St. Lucia, has demonstrated its commitment to public health by donating pharmaceutical products and equipment valued at EC $50,000 to the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs. This substantial contribution is geared towards supporting the healthcare sector and improving the accessibility of essential medications and healthcare items.

The donated items cover a wide range of categories crucial for maintaining health and wellbeing. Essential prescription medications, including Anti-Hypertensives from Carlisle Laboratories Limited, antibiotics, and diuretics, are part of this philanthropic gesture. Recognizing the importance of home health care, Peter and Company Distribution has extended the donation to include various equipment, featuring renowned brands such as Drive, Senior, and Cordial.

Chantelle Charles, the Human Resources Manager at Peter and Company Distribution, highlighted the company’s understanding of the responsibility to provide assistance to all the people of St. Lucia through the Ministry of Health. She stated, “we believe that we have a responsibility to provide support working through key stakeholder groups that will ensure the benefits cascade down to those with limited means, the vulnerable, and marginalized in our society.”

Charles emphasized the company’s commitment to contributing to the well-being of citizens in need, acknowledging the invaluable work of healthcare professionals. She encouraged other corporate entities to join in the movement towards improved healthcare on the island.

In response to the generous donation, Jenny Daniel, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, expressed gratitude for the positive impact it will have on healthcare accessibility and the well-being of the population. Daniel commended Peter and Company Distribution for their ongoing support and pledged to persist in endeavors aimed at ample healthcare for all.

“We see a partnership that has grown over the years with Peter & Company Distribution, giving us a donation of pharmaceuticals, supplies, medical supplies, and equipment. This donation will go a long way towards assisting us in our provision of the very vital healthcare services that we provide,” stated Daniel. She further emphasised the Ministry’s commitment to using the donated supplies as intended, ensuring timely assistance to those in need. Daniel expressed gratitude for the donation and looked forward to continued collaboration with Peter and Company Distribution.

The donation underscores Peter and Company Distribution’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and its dedication to supporting public health initiatives. This collaborative effort between the private sector and the Ministry of Health is expected to fortify the nation’s healthcare infrastructure and contribute significantly to ongoing efforts to enhance public health.

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