Jeremiah Norbert Looks to Future After Resigning as Deputy Speaker

Post to be Filled at Next Parliamentary Sitting

Jeremiah Norbert
Jeremiah Norbert

The Deputy Speaker post (which is now vacant following Jeremiah Norbert’s resignation) will be filled at the next parliamentary sitting. That’s according to the Prime Minister’s Office.

In a statement on Thursday, the Office of the Prime Minister , said the wisdom in the decision to amend Article 36 of the Constitution of Saint Lucia “was demonstrably justified when Hon. Jeremiah Norbert tendered his resignation as Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly on February 27, 2024.”

“This constitutional amendment protects the Parliament from political expediency and exploitation. It ensures the business of the Parliament continues without disruption. Amending Article 36 of the Constitution ensures the Deputy Speaker position will never remain vacant and the business of the people of Saint Lucia in the Lower House of Parliament conducted in conformity with the Constitution and in alignment with the Standing Orders of the House of Assembly,” the statement read.

Further, it added, “Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre is unwavering about upholding the integrity of our Constitution and the standing orders of Parliament.”

As per the amendment, the Deputy Speaker may be elected either from among the members of the House who are not members of the Cabinet or Parliamentary Secretaries or from among persons who are not members of the House.

After stepping down from his role as Deputy House Speaker on Tuesday, Member of Parliament for Micoud North Jeremiah Norbert says he is looking forward to the future.

In a post on Facebook this week, Norbert thanked the House of Assembly “for initially reposing their faith in me and Speaker Hon. Claudius Francis for his tutelage and guidance throughout my tenure.”

“Speaker Francis ensured that I was always equipped on the House procedures and processes. But what I appreciated the most was his friendship and his camaraderie,” Norbert said.

The former deputy speaker thanked parliamentary staff who assisted him throughout his journey, adding that he could not have performed his duties without them.

Most importantly, Norbert said, “I want to thank my constituents of Micoud North who have been so patient, understanding and supportive during my tenure as the Deputy Speaker. They believed in me and continue to do so! You all are my shields and swords.”

Norbert, who will be taking up the Home Affairs portfolio ,as Home Affairs Minister Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte deals with a medical emergency, said the skillset he has learned at Parliament will be critical to the future.

(Last week it was revealed that the minister had encountered a medical emergency on February 19 and was transported to a medical institution for treatment.)

“I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings,” he said.

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