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Is Transport Ministry Failing to Carry Out its Duties?

Vice Pres. of National Driving Schools Association Thinks So

By Marvlin Anthony
Kingson Jean
Kingson Jean

IS the Ministry of Transport failing to carry out its duties properly, so much so that it is partly responsible for accidents being caused in the country?

Vice President of the National Association of Driving Schools (NADS), Kingson Jean, suggested this much when he appeared on a local TV show this week.

Saying that the Ministry plays a crucial role when it comes to vehicle safety, Jean said that the Ministry must ensure that citizens are safe “and a way to do that is by examining vehicles properly.”

“Three years ago, the Ministry used to be the one responsible for the fail-safe mechanism to ensure that minibuses met the minimum requirements to be on the road. Whereas a private person will go to a normal garage to get their vehicle inspected, minibuses, after going through a normal garage, should then go to the Ministry of Transport to ensure that everything is up to mark because there are certain things the garage will not be looking for,” Jean said.

Jean, who appeared on Newsmaker Live on Wednesday, noted that mechanics can even ignore certain faults when friends are involved. As a result, he said, this can even cause accidents.

According to him, the Ministry should have never removed vehicle inspection.

Vehicle safety inspections should be performed by licensed technicians, (as noted on These technicians run vehicles through a checklist of features that must be functioning properly to be considered safe, the website noted.

That includes features like lights, mirrors, brakes and tyres. Furthermore, technicians will check for any obvious hazards like fuel leaks, the presence of which can be grounds for inspection failure, stated.

Jean believes that the Ministry no longer wanted to deal with the process.

“I don’t know what’s going on but that’s something that should have never happened. All around the world when a sector is regulated the government is the one that ensures that everything is up to the mark,” he said.

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  1. Enough & enough is spoken of this fat lazy one who don’t seem to take his work seriously. Road work is a serios matter, if care is not taken on a daily basis, vehicles go crashing causing financial headaches, bodily harm, some permanently and even death. Get out of the office, see things on the hot spots, fixing Pot holes is not building proper Roads; go out there accompanied with a ‘Roads & Highway Engineer’ show why you’re in charge.

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