Constitutional Review Committee Holds First Meeting

The first order of business was to elect a Chair and Deputy Chair. Hon. Claudius Francis was elected Chair of the Committee. Mr. Ignatius Jean was elected Deputy Chair.

The Constitutional Review Committee was appointed in December 2023. It comprises 12 members, including nominees from the Government, the Opposition and civil society representatives.

The names of the Committee members are as follows:

Hon. Claudius Francis (Chairperson)

Mr Ignatius Jean (Deputy Chairperson)

Mr Everistus Jn Marie

Mr Earl Huntley

Ms Catherine Sealys

Professor Cynthia Barrow

Mr Maurice Compton

Mr Nicholas John

Mr Lenard Montoute

Ms Mary Francis

Hon. Bradley Felix

Hon. Allen Chastanet

The Committee is charged with providing advice on recommendations from the 190–point document submitted by the late Justice Suzie D’auvergne and her team in 2011.

The meeting allowed the newly elected Chair and Deputy Chair to officially engage with Committee members and commence discussions on the way forward.

The next meeting of the Committee will be in April 2024.

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