Art and City Component of Jazz Festival Bigger and Better This Year

Art and the City is defined as the artistic component of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. The Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) aims to ensure that the festival remains deeply-rooted in the island’s identity, showcasing artistic expressions to local and global audiences.

According to the organisers, this year, the Art & the City will bring back the music vibes to Jazz & Arts on the Square.

From May 8th to11th, the city will come alive with some electrifying live musical performances and captivating artistic displays at Derek Walcott Square.

The line-up on display will include international sensations, like the Eric Preterre Creole Jazz Project and the Emmy Nominated Matthew Whitaker Quintet, alongside homegrown talents such as Monty Maxwell & Kalba, KPT Soul Calypsos and the Big Drum Project.

Other attractions will include; savouring the culinary delights of Chef Orlando Satchell, explore the Artisan Row, indulge at the Food Court, and marvel at the Jalim Eudovic sculpture Park.

Chairman of the CDF Board of Directors Darwin Guard ‘waxed poetic’, describing the event as another exciting chapter in the vibrant tale of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.

“What lies ahead is the journey that dares to redefine the festival’s very essence,” he told the gathering, at a recent media launch.

“The significance of the Jazz and Arts festival is immense, particularly in relation to the role of the Cultural Development Foundation and its contribution to the festival’s art component,” declared  Darwin Guard.

“As the custodians of the Jazz and Arts component, our involvement is critical, amplifying the promotion and celebration of Saint Lucia’s rich culture and heritage,” he added.

He also said that by spearheading the festival, the CDF ensures that the festival remains deeply rooted in the island’s identity, showcasing diverse artistic expressions to local and global audiences.

He said the artistes elevate the festival’s relevance and present the invaluable proposition to the festival that is, pride and the authentic essence of the island.

“The collaboration between the CDF and the artistes enriches the experience and fosters a deeper appreciation for Saint Lucian culture.” He continued.

While acknowledging the continued dynamism and vibrancy of the festival in its 31st year, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority’s (SLTA) Head of Marketing Dexter Percil declared  that the festival is not just an event, but an extravaganza that showcases the best of Saint Lucia’s music, arts, culture to the world.

He said that the festival serves as a powerful marketing tool inviting and attracting people from all corners of the globe to a wonderful island paradise.

Dexter Percil added that in 31 years, the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival has evolved into more than just a celebration of music, it has become a testament of our rich cultural heritage, enhancing its inclusivity and diversity, like never before.

Mayor of the Castries, Lendor Gabriel commented on the crucial involvement of the youth in the musical aspects of the festival.

“It is indeed an avenue for young persons, not only to create but also to express,” she said.

Citing the wealth of talent among young people in the communities, the Mayor said, the challenge posed was in selecting individuals to perform at these stage shows.

“We have created something, which has endless possibilities,” she stressed. “We believe that we can also include the culinary arts in schools. And we can bring music from schools into a creative space and into the communities, and we can build on that idea to create a really big festival.”

Minister for Tourism and Creative Industries Dr. Ernest Hilaire recalled that since the rebranding of the festival, in 2016, the CDF has been delivering on the rebranding of that initiative, which involves working closely with the SLTA and the Events Company of Saint Lucia [ESL] to infuse the Saint Lucian artistic and cultural personality into the festival experience.

Ultimately, the vision is that the festival will seamlessly align with the value proposition that our destination presents in the global marketplace , he added.

“This proposition is premised on the fact that our people, our culture and our creative product are as essential to the destination experience, as are our stunning natural attributes.”

By weaving the fabric of our unique cultural heritage into the festival experience, we offer visitors a glimpse into the soul of Saint Lucia, enticing them to not only explore our shores, but to immerse themselves in our vibrant cultural, creative spaces , he ended.

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