The VOICE Newspaper and the Saint Lucian Public – A True Love Story

I know I have been around from 1885, informing, educating, and entertaining you – the Saint Lucian public. But even though our relationship has undergone many changes over the years, you have made it clear that I still matter to you even in this age called the digital age.

When we started dating in the late 19th century things were much simpler. Afterall, there were no cars to consume our hard-earned money for gasoline or to knock us down, and life was a lot less sophisticated than it is today. You and I fell in love instantly, when you started flipping through my pages, more than a century ago, as I presented you with news and opinions not only from Saint Lucia and the Caribbean but from the wider world, far afield.

I was not only a source of information to you but I also expressed political and social views and sometimes challenged the authorities and sparked debates among the population. You loved all that I offered back then; and you still do today, a testament of our love.

Over the years our relationship went through several trials and tribulations as I became more popular and influential. Not only did I face competition and covert censorship, I had to contend with rising costs, taxes, and regulations, as well as rival publications and new technologies. I had to adapt to your changing needs and preferences, as you demanded more and more variety, accuracy, and detailed articles.

To keep you satisfied I diversified my content, adding certain features that caught your attention and as a result I became a part of your daily ( bi-weekly) routine and culture. You relied on me for information and entertainment.

And so, as our love affair grew, we developed a special bond as I strived to provide you with quality content, engaging you in dialogue, and responding to your feedback and needs.

As the years went by, I have tried to be a source of comfort and pleasure to you as we enjoy the pleasure of mutual interaction, whether in print or online.

I am exceedingly glad that you have accepted the online version of myself. Ours is indeed a love story that has to be told and what better day to tell that story than today – Valentine’s Day.

As we move deeper into the 21st century our love will face many challenges. I will have to compete with new media and technologies, such as social media, blogs, podcasts, and streaming services, all of which will try to divert your attention from me.

However, as a newspaper I am not giving up on the love I have for you – my Saint Lucian readers, nor am I giving up on my role in the society. This is why I have embraced digital platforms, such as websites, apps, and social media, to reach and engage you, my Saint Lucian readers, especially the younger readers.

I have invested in innovation, quality, and diversity, to offer more value and relevance to you. I now have a website www.thevoiceslu.com. You can now send your letters to me at [email protected]

As we celebrate another Valentine’s Day let me inform you that I will remain an engine of our development, a cornerstone of journalism, providing authoritative, reliable, and in-depth coverage of local, national, and global issues. I will also uphold the values of democracy, accountability, and transparency, in my attempt at exposing corruption, challenging the powers that be and giving a voice to the voiceless, which I know you love me for.

Let me inform you, my dear Valentine, that in a world saturated with fake news I will act as an authoritative voice to cut through the noise.

My love, in closing this love letter on this Valentine’s Day, let me ease your mind by telling you that I will continue to adapt, innovate, and evolve, to meet your changing needs and preferences.

I admit, I am not the same person as I was in the past, but I will continue to cherish the love that we have as I believe I still have a lot to offer you and you still have a lot to gain from me.

Our love story is one which has matured throughout the years, and that I believe is worth celebrating.

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