St. Lucia Motor Sports Association Congratulates Brian Evans-Alternative Sports Personality of 2023

(L to R) Chairman of St Lucia Motor Sports Association (SLMSA) Mr. Terroll Compton, Awardee Mr. Brian Evans and Alternative Sports Officer Mr. Craig Gustave
(L to R) Chairman of St Lucia Motor Sports Association (SLMSA) Mr. Terroll Compton, Awardee Mr. Brian Evans and Alternative Sports Officer Mr. Craig Gustave

THROUGHOUT his career in motorsports Brian Evans has won a total of 17 awards in St. Lucia and St. Vincent and has raced in different types of events for a total of 18 years, 10 professionally. He has represented St. Lucia a total of six consecutive times since 2016 (except 2020-2021 during Covid lockdowns). This means he represented St. Lucia more than once in a single year.

He is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable in rally, rallycross, autocross and drag racing and continues to actively compete in these events while representing his racing clubs Island Time Attack (ITA) and Adventure St. Lucia for racing and off-roading activities respectively.

Brian Evans started his involvement in motor racing in 2005 after purchasing a Honda Integra sports car and commissioning engine and suspension performance upgrades to participate in grassroots street races in New York. He raced into the following year before moving back to St. Lucia. By then he abandoned the front wheel drive platform for a rear-wheel-drive sports car platform to take part in various car enthusiast activities hosted by the Southern Racing Club.

By 2010 he switched to the AWD platform by purchasing a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI for daily use, but soon decided to race it part time in grassroots autocross timed shootouts he helped organize with a few other racing enthusiasts. Over the next three years he gradually abandoned race events planning to focus solely on autocross racing and head-to-head autocross shootouts organized by the local car club AAMA.

Over the next two years, he worked with various leaders in the racing fraternity to draft a constitution and establish an interim board for the St. Lucia Motor Racing Association.

In 2013 he participated in his first official international race “Drag Wars” where he qualified for the 13 second bracket but never completed the event due to a weather cancelation. After the event he decided to start a 3-year project to turn his rally inspired sports car into a track only race car.

In 2014 he continued to invest in tires, brakes, safety equipment and performance modifications while participating in various autocross events, winning podiums consistently.

In 2015 he participated in various local autocross and drag racing events hosted by AAMA and Timeline Events, while successfully winning podium awards. He also signed his first sponsorship deal with Rubis Caribbean.

In 2016 he invested heavily into upgrading his car by partnering with Rubis for a long-term sponsorship deal as a brand ambassador and sponsored Racecar Driver, as well as Napa Autocare, genuine parts world, SARDE engineering, auto clinic and Gimel’s electrical installations. He won races in St. Lucia and raced in St. Vincent as well, winning the eight second 1/8th mile bracket and 3rd place in his first dirt rallycross event – the Diamond dirt rally. During this period, he also took on the roles of technical director and engine calibrator for his racecar project.

In 2017 he continued improving the car and won podiums in St. Lucia and St. Vincent.

In 2018 he rebranded the racecar with a new Rubis livery, converted it to a dedicated track car and continued winning podiums in St. Lucia and St. Vincent. He also helped establish the racing club Island Time Attack (ITA) by co-authoring their constitution, assisting with the club’s official registration and official appointment of an executive. He has served as a founding member, committee member, active racing participant and advisor to the club ever since.

In 2019 he won podiums in both islands. He also took part in his first rallycross styled tarmac event against professional drivers from the region.

In 2020 he helped form the club, Adventure Saint Lucia, co-authored their constitution and assisted with electing their first executive. He has served on various committees for Adventure St. Lucia and is an active member to this date.

Motorsports events were placed on hold until 2022. He raced in St. Vincent and took a 3rd place in the AWD category for his first GRID rallycross event, and went home with the first DNF of his career while racing the national day event held in St. Lucia that December.

In 2023 he won multiple podiums in St. Lucia and St. Vincent, his final race being in December at “The Nationals,” earning first place in the 13 second car bracket. With the upcoming “Regionals” scheduled for February 24th and 25th at The Base in Vieux Fort, if all goes well, his consistent podium finishes are expected.

During his off season, he also served as Race Director for Island Time Attack (ITA), by drafting and implementing their sporting code, safety, and scrutineering standards, and directing the club’s Easter drag racing event.

The St. Lucia Motor Sports Association (SLMSA) wishes to congratulate Mr. Brian Evans on his newest accolade of “Alternative Sports Personality for the Year 2023.”

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