Piton Beer Commemorates Independence 45 with Special Edition Label


‘LA BIERE St Lisi’ (Saint Lucia’s Beer) Piton Beer, is celebrating Saint Lucia’s 45th anniversary with a special edition label. In its thirty plus years of existence, the Piton brand has always drawn inspiration from Saint Lucia’s unique features and everyday Saint Lucian life, and for Independence 45 it is no different.

The new label artwork was designed by Saint Lucian Artist Naja Simeon (Sakey Productions).  The label captures the charming beauty of the Saint Lucian landscape and is a set of three that when joined together, form a full image.

The limited time Independence Piton label became available from February 1st, 2024.

Artist and label designer Naja said, “Saint Lucia inspires me in many ways. I believe being born on an island is a gift as it gives me so much to play with, including the people, the language and beauty of the land itself. I am inspired by the beauty and resilience in the art of our ancestors.”

“Equally, I am elated to use my art to help tell our story as a vibrant and ‘vibesy’ people, whether on a canvas, on buildings or on a Piton.” Simeon added.

Commenting on the announcement, Piton Brand Manager Lyla Jean Baptiste explained “Over the years Piton has consistently celebrated Saint Lucia’s national and cultural observances with engaging and inclusive campaigns which reflect the significance of these events. Twenty-twenty four (2024) marks a notable milestone for our island and as we commemorate 45 years of independence, and the Piton brand chose to portray a visual story of our island through the lens of a talented homegrown artist- Naja Simeon.”

“This year’s labels are a carefully curated work of art paying tribute to the vibrance and diversity of our people and heritage. We are more than excited to collaborate with an artist whose work has always reflected this locally and internationally. We hope these labels will inspire Saint Lucians and Piton lovers alike, as the three-piece collection makes for a unique collector’s item.” Jean Baptiste added.

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